Rivian R1S Two Year 24 Month Lease

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Rivian R1S Leasing Program Overview
Leasing vs. Buying the Rivian R1S
Financial Considerations for Leasing
Rivian R1S Lease Program Details

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles, the Rivian R1S stands out as a beacon of innovation and luxury. As interest in sustainable and high-performance SUVs skyrockets, Rivian's leasing program for the R1S offers an enticing opportunity for enthusiasts and eco-conscious drivers alike. This article delves into the nuances of the two-year, 24-month lease option, providing a comprehensive overview of what potential lessees can expect, from financial considerations to the benefits of choosing leasing over buying.


  • Rivian's R1S leasing program is expanding, with competitive pricing and options.
  • Leasing the R1S offers distinct benefits over buying, including financial flexibility.
  • Understanding the lease payment calculation is crucial for prospective lessees.
  • The lease program details, including availability and the order process, are essential for interested parties.

When considering the leap into leasing an electric vehicle like the Rivian R1S, potential lessees should be acutely aware of the myriad of federal and state incentives available that could significantly reduce the financial burden of their eco-friendly choice. These incentives not only underscore the commitment of various governments to promote sustainable transportation options but also offer a tangible financial advantage to those opting for electric vehicles (EVs).

For instance, lessees in Canada might be eligible for incentives offered by Transport Canada for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV), which can provide substantial savings. Similarly, in the United States, while lessees directly may not claim the clean vehicle tax credit, dealerships can leverage the commercial vehicle tax credit to offer reduced leasing costs. This indirect benefit can make a notable difference in the overall cost of leasing an EV like the Rivian R1S.

"Lessees of the Rivian R1S may not be able to directly claim the clean vehicle tax credit, but they could potentially benefit from savings passed down from the dealership if they qualify for the commercial vehicle tax credit." - NerdWallet

Moreover, specific states offer additional perks that can sweeten the deal further. For example, British Columbia's CleanBC Go Electric program and Virginia's HOV Lane access for Alternative Fuel Vehicle license plates are just a couple of examples where local incentives align with federal benefits to reduce the cost and enhance the appeal of leasing an electric vehicle.

Understanding and navigating these incentives requires a bit of research and possibly consultation with a tax professional, but the effort can be well worth it. By taking full advantage of available incentives, lessees can enjoy the cutting-edge technology and environmental benefits of the Rivian R1S, all while mitigating the financial impact of their lease.

In summary, the landscape of electric vehicle incentives is rich and varied, offering numerous opportunities for lessees to benefit. Whether through direct financial savings, tax credits, or other perks, these incentives play a crucial role in making the transition to electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

Rivian R1S Leasing Program Overview

Expansion and Updates

Rivian's leasing options just got a whole lot sweeter with the addition of the R1S SUV to the lineup, right alongside the R1T pickup. What started as a limited offer for pre-configured R1T models in just 14 states has now blown up to include the R1S and even more states. And for those of you who like to switch things up more often, Rivian's throwing in a 24-month lease option for the R1S. Sure, the monthly payments are a tad higher than the usual 36-month lease, but it's all about getting more folks behind the wheel of their electric vehicles.

Dive into the nitty-gritty over at Electrek and Drive Tesla Canada for the full scoop on these leasing options.

Pricing and Options

Eyeing a 24-month lease for the Rivian R1S? Here's the deal: shorter lease, higher monthly payments. If your credit score is looking pretty (think 800+), you're looking at monthly payments of $1,151. Plus, there's an "Acquisition Fee" of $895 to get things rolling. This setup includes a 30,000-mile total allowance, just like the longer leases.

For the full breakdown of costs and options, check out the details at Drive Tesla Canada. It's a good read for anyone trying to figure out if a 24-month lease fits their budget and lifestyle, especially with Rivian's premium EVs.


Rivian R1S Two-Year (24-Month) Lease

Got your eye on the Rivian R1S? The 24-month lease is up for grabs, perfect for those who like to keep things fresh. With an excellent credit score (800+), you're looking at $1,151 a month, with the same 30,000-mile cap and an "Acquisition Fee" of $895 at the start. It's a solid choice if you're into changing your ride more often than not. For all the details, head over to Drive Tesla Canada.

Leasing vs. Buying the Rivian R1S

Understanding the Rivian R1S Lease: A Deep Dive

Let's break down the nitty-gritty of leasing a Rivian R1S for two years, shall we? Here's what you need to know about the costs and terms:

Aspect Details
Monthly Payment Fork over $1,151 monthly for a 24-month lease, assuming you've got a stellar 800+ credit score (Drive Tesla Canada).
Down Payment Initially, you're looking at $7,000, but we've adjusted it to $6,000 for kicks (Rivian Forums).
Acquisition Fee Don't forget the extra $895 due upfront (Drive Tesla Canada).
Interest Rate Assumption If we play our cards right and the interest rates don't go haywire, the R1S is gonna cost you $223 more each month, totaling over $8,000 more across the lease's life compared to another vehicle with the same sticker price (Rivian Forums).
Depreciation Concern The steep lease cost hints that the R1S might lose value faster than other trucks in its class (Rivian Forums).

So, it's not just about the monthly payments. You've gotta consider the down payment, acquisition fees, and how quickly the car might depreciate. Looking at the total lease cost will give you the full picture.

Why Leasing Might Just Be Your Best Bet

Opting for a 24-month lease on a Rivian R1S comes with its perks. Let's dive into the benefits:

Easy on the Wallet

Leasing can be kinder to your bank account, at least in the short term. Take the Rivian R1S, for example. You could be paying $1,128 monthly with a $7,000 down payment for a 36-month term. Opt for a shorter 24-month term, and the monthly cost bumps up slightly to $1,151, but that's with top-notch credit (Drive Tesla Canada). Compared to buying, where you'd need a hefty 20% down to snag the best rates, leasing feels like a breeze.

Stay Fresh

Who doesn't love getting behind the wheel of a brand-new ride every couple of years? Leasing lets you do just that. Especially with EVs like the Rivian R1S, where tech moves faster than a speeding bullet, it's a sweet deal (U.S. News & World Report).

Dodge the Depreciation Bullet

Since lease payments are largely based on how much the vehicle depreciates, picking a model that holds its value can save you some serious cash. The Rivian R1S might just be one of those gems, thanks to its demand and brand mojo. You're only footing the bill for the depreciation that happens during your lease term, not the entire car cost (U.S. News & World Report).

All in all, leasing a Rivian R1S for 24 months offers a sweet spot of lower upfront costs, the thrill of frequent upgrades, and potentially softer blows to your wallet thanks to slower depreciation. For those eager to experience the latest in EV tech without tying the knot with a full purchase, leasing is definitely worth a look.

Financial Considerations for Leasing

Lease Payment Breakdown

So, you're eyeing a two-year lease for a Rivian R1S, right? Let's dive into how your monthly payment gets figured out. Basically, it boils down to two chunks: the lease fee and the depreciation fee. The lease fee is what you're paying to borrow the ride, and the depreciation fee covers the hit the car takes in value while you're driving it.

Choosing a 24-month lease on a Rivian R1S usually means your monthly payments will be steeper compared to stretching it out longer. That's because you've got less time to spread the cost of the car's depreciation. But, on the flip side, the car's still worth more at the end of a shorter lease.

Let's lay it out:

Lease Term Monthly Payment Residual Value Notable Fees
36 months ~$450 Higher Acquisition Fee: $895
24 months ~$1,151 Lower Acquisition Fee: $895

For the nitty-gritty, like how sales tax, down payment, and money factor tweak the numbers, hit up this lease payment calculator from U.S. News & World Report.

But hey, don't just fixate on the monthly payment. The total lease cost is the big picture to keep in mind. That includes your down payment, taxes, fees, and any other charges across the lease. Always stack up the total lease cost against other offers to make sure you're snagging the best deal.

Spotting the Differences

Digging into a two-year lease for a Rivian R1S, you might scratch your head at the different monthly payments and total costs for what seems like the same deal. A lively chat on Rivian Forums and a piece from Drive Tesla Canada shed some light on the official leasing terms from Rivian, including the monthly payment and acquisition fee for a 24-month lease with a 30,000-mile cap.

Here's the lowdown:

Aspect Forum Chatter Official Rivian Lease Skinny
MSRP $94,000 $94,000
Down Payment $6,000 (tweaked from $7,000) Not spelled out, but there's an acquisition fee of $895
Monthly Payment $223 more per month over the lease for the R1S $1,151 per month for a 24-month lease
Total Mileage Allowance 10,000 miles per year 30,000 miles total
Interest Rate Guessing it's the full market rate for the R1S Not mentioned

So, even with the same sticker price, the lease terms, down payments, and maybe even interest rates can really change up what you pay each month and overall. It pays to look at all the angles and maybe haggle a bit to land the sweetest lease deal for your situation.

Rivian R1S Lease Program Details

Program Availability and Updates

Rivian R1S Two-Year (24-Month) Lease

Thinking about leasing the Rivian R1S? The two-year (24-month) lease might just be your cup of tea if you're not keen on long commitments and wanna switch things up sooner. This deal sets you back $1,151 a month, given your credit score is top-notch (800+). Sure, it's a tad pricier than the usual 36-month lease, but it's perfect for folks itching to get their hands on the latest electric vehicle tech without waiting too long. You get to drive up to 30,000 miles, which is pretty decent for most drivers. Plus, there's an $895 acquisition fee when you sign, which is pretty standard fare. For the nitty-gritty, check out the details on Drive Tesla Canada.

Rivian's mixing things up with a variety of lease terms, making their electric rides more accessible and tempting for a broader crowd. They're all about giving more people the chance to experience the coolness and performance of the R1S SUV.

Lease Order Process

So, you're eyeing the 24-month lease for a Rivian R1S? Here's the skinny: folks on Rivian Forums have been chatting about their own lease experiences. For this lease, with a 30,000-mile cap, you're looking at a monthly payment of about $1,151 if your credit score is in the stratosphere (800+). And don't forget, there's an "Acquisition Fee" of US$895 to get things rolling.

Here's a quick breakdown of the lease terms we're talking about:

Term Monthly Payment Mileage Allowance Acquisition Fee
24 months $1,151 30,000 miles $895

Getting all this straight is key before you dive in. Make sure the lease fits like a glove with your mileage needs and wallet.


What states is the Rivian R1S leasing program available in?
The Rivian R1S leasing program has expanded to include more states beyond the initial 14 states for the R1T pickup leasing options. For specific state availability, it's best to check Rivian's official website or contact their customer service.

How much does it cost to lease a Rivian R1S for 24 months?
For those with an excellent credit score (800+), the monthly payment for a 24-month lease on the Rivian R1S is approximately $1,151. This also includes an "Acquisition Fee" of $895 at the start of the lease.

What is the mileage allowance for the Rivian R1S 24-month lease?
The 24-month lease for the Rivian R1S comes with a total mileage allowance of 30,000 miles.

Can I lease the Rivian R1S for a term shorter than 36 months?
Yes, Rivian offers a 24-month lease option for the R1S, providing a shorter-term leasing solution for those who prefer to switch vehicles more frequently.

What are the financial considerations for leasing the Rivian R1S for two years?
When leasing the Rivian R1S for two years, you need to consider the monthly payment, down payment, acquisition fee, and the vehicle's depreciation. The total lease cost, including taxes, fees, and any other charges, should also be taken into account to understand the full financial commitment.

Why might leasing the Rivian R1S be a better option than buying?
Leasing the Rivian R1S can offer lower upfront costs, the opportunity to drive a new vehicle every few years, and potentially lower monthly payments compared to buying. It also allows you to avoid the depreciation cost that comes with vehicle ownership.

What are the benefits of opting for a 24-month lease on a Rivian R1S?
A 24-month lease on a Rivian R1S offers the benefits of lower initial costs compared to buying, the excitement of driving a new vehicle more frequently, and potentially less impact on your wallet due to slower depreciation of the vehicle.

How do I start the lease order process for a Rivian R1S?
To start the lease order process for a Rivian R1S, you should visit Rivian's official website or contact their customer service for the most current information on lease terms, availability, and the application process.

Is there an acquisition fee for leasing the Rivian R1S, and how much is it?
Yes, there is an "Acquisition Fee" for leasing the Rivian R1S, which is $895. This fee is due at the start of the lease.

How does the monthly payment for a 24-month lease compare to a 36-month lease for the Rivian R1S?
The monthly payment for a 24-month lease on the Rivian R1S is higher than that of a longer, 36-month lease due to the shorter term to spread out the depreciation cost. However, specific payment amounts can vary based on credit score, down payment, and other factors.