Rivian R1S Best Electric Lease Deals

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Rivian R1S Overview
Leasing the Rivian R1S
Rivian R1S Battery Options and Impact on Pricing
Competitive Analysis and Market Insights

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles, the Rivian R1S stands out as a beacon of luxury and performance. This comprehensive guide delves into the best lease deals available for the Rivian R1S, covering everything from model options and pricing to the intricacies of leasing programs and battery options. Whether you're a seasoned EV enthusiast or considering your first electric vehicle, understanding the competitive landscape and market insights will empower you to make an informed decision.


  • Explore the Rivian R1S's model options, performance features, and market positioning.
  • Uncover the details of leasing programs, including pricing, state availability, and tax credits.
  • Learn about the new battery options for the R1S and their impact on pricing and range.
  • Gain insights into the competitive advantages of the Rivian R1S compared to other top-selling EVs.

Rivian R1S: Pioneering the Future of Leasing and Sustainability

Rivian's innovative direct-to-consumer sales model is reshaping the electric vehicle leasing landscape, offering a more streamlined and transparent process that contrasts sharply with the traditional dealership system. This approach not only simplifies the leasing experience but also potentially offers more personalized options for the Rivian R1S. Unlike conventional dealership models, where negotiations and pricing can vary widely, Rivian's strategy ensures a uniform leasing experience, directly benefiting the consumer. As noted on Electrek, this model allows for greater flexibility in lease terms and incentives, tailored specifically to meet the needs of Rivian's clientele.

Moreover, Rivian's commitment to environmental sustainability sets a new benchmark in the EV industry. Their focus on using renewable energy in manufacturing and charging networks, alongside initiatives for waste elimination and recycling, positions the R1S as a leading choice for eco-conscious consumers. Rivian's ambition to halve the lifecycle carbon footprint of their vehicles by 2030, as highlighted by The Verge, underscores their dedication to not just leading in electric vehicle technology but also in making a significant positive impact on the environment.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Benefits:

    • More personalized leasing options
    • Transparent pricing and terms
    • Enhanced flexibility and customer-focused incentives
  • Sustainability Highlights:

    • Use of renewable energy in production
    • Comprehensive recycling and waste elimination programs
    • Goal to reduce lifecycle carbon footprint by 50% by 2030

Rivian's dual focus on revolutionizing the leasing experience and prioritizing sustainability practices offers a compelling proposition for consumers. This unique blend of customer-centric sales and environmental responsibility not only differentiates the R1S from other EVs but also aligns with the values of a growing segment of the market that prioritizes both innovation and ecological impact.

Rivian R1S Overview

Let's dive into the best electric lease deals for the Rivian R1S and see what's cooking. We've got a couple of options on the table, so let's break it down:

Model Configuration MSRP Lease Price Per Month Term Due at Signing Mileage Allowance
2023 R1S Adventure Quad Motor AWD Large Battery Pack $100,800 $892 36 months $8,787 10k miles/year
2024 R1S (Base Model) $76,700 $1,175 36 months Not Specified Not Specified

For the nitty-gritty on lease options and to play around with down payments, terms, and mileage, hit up the Lease Calculator over at CarsDirect. Keep in mind, lease prices can swing depending on the dealer and your credit score, so chatting up a trusted dealer is a smart move.

Looking at the numbers, the 2023 R1S Adventure Quad Motor AWD with the Large Battery Pack is a sweet deal for those wanting the full package. But if your wallet's feeling a bit light, the 2024 R1S base model might be more your speed, even if we're a bit in the dark on the lease specifics.

Now, onto what makes the Rivian R1S stand out from the crowd. This isn't just any electric SUV; it's a beast ready for adventure, packed with performance and luxury.

Performance-wise, we're talking a quad-motor setup that's all about power and control, making any terrain its playground.

On the luxury front, the R1S is no slouch. It's decked out with premium materials, seats up to seven comfortably, and is loaded with tech to keep you connected. The cherry on top? A massive infotainment system and a panoramic sunroof that makes every ride a treat.

So, if you're in the market for an electric SUV that's all about high-end performance and luxury, the Rivian R1S lease deals are looking pretty hot right now, especially with the competitive offers detailed on CarsDirect.

Market Position and Expansion

Rivian R1S's Spot in the EV World

Rivian's R1S is making waves, especially with its recent leap into leasing. It snagged a spot in the top five best-selling EVs in the US during the last quarter of 2023, as per Electrek. Not too shabby, especially considering leasing only kicked off a month before. With 24,783 R1S vehicles finding homes in the US, it's the country’s seventh-best-selling EV, says InsideEVs.

Rivian's not stopping there. They're expanding the lease program across more US territories, showing they're serious about getting their electric SUVs out there.

Aspect Detail
Market Position Top 5 best-selling EVs in Q4 2023
Sales Figures 24,783 R1S vehicles sold in the US
Leasing Introduction Kicked off in late 2023
Expansion Lease program growing to more US spots

Rivian's moves, like rolling out leasing options and widening their lease program, are key to boosting the R1S's presence in the market. It's not just about selling more cars; it's about making the R1S a go-to option for folks eyeing an electric SUV.

Leasing the Rivian R1S

Leasing Program Details

Pricing and Monthly Payments

Looking at leasing a Rivian R1S? You're looking at starting monthly payments around $1,169. This is for the Quad-Motor AWD with the Large Pack, as well as the Dual-Motor versions with either Large or Max packs. These figures are based on an MSRP of $100,800 and include a mileage cap of 10k miles per year. Keep in mind, though, lease prices can swing a bit since dealers set the final numbers, and you'll need pretty solid credit to get in on this deal. If you're itching for more details or wanna tweak the lease to fit your wallet better, Rivian's buddy Chase or a CarsDirect Trusted Dealer can hook you up with the specifics.

State Availability and Tax Credits

If you're in one of the 15 states where Rivian's leasing program is up and running—think Arizona, California, Colorado, and a dozen others—you're in luck. Leasing an R1S means you can snag a $7,500 clean vehicle tax credit right off the bat. This sweet deal chops a hefty slice off the total cost, making the lease option even more tempting (Electrek).

Lease Duration and Mileage Limits

Rivian's leases usually come with a 10,000-mile per year allowance, pretty standard stuff. But here's a kicker: if you decide to buy your EV when the lease is up, Rivian says "no worries" about extra charges for going over the mileage or a bit of wear and tear. This policy is a breath of fresh air, offering more flexibility and peace of mind for lessees (Auto Evolution).

Financing Options

Custom-Built R1S Models

Got your heart set on a custom-built Rivian R1S? While you can't lease these unique rides, Rivian does offer financing options. You're looking at terms between 48 and 84 months, giving you plenty of wiggle room to spread out those payments. This way, you can roll in style without the lease strings attached, as noted by InsideEVs.

Financing Deals and APR Combo Offers

When it's time to finance your Rivian R1S, there are some pretty sweet deals to consider. For example, financing a 2024 R1S could set you back as low as $1,177 per month over 72 months, based on an MSRP of $76,700. The 2023 model isn't far off, with monthly payments around $1,224 under the same terms and an MSRP of $79,800. Just a heads up, though: those special financing rates usually can't be mixed with rebate offers, but sometimes you might catch a break with bonus cash incentives. It pays to shop around and nail down the best deal for your new Rivian R1S, as highlighted by CarsDirect.

Rivian R1S Battery Options and Impact on Pricing

New Battery Options

Standard and Standard+ Packs

Rivian's rolling out a couple of fresh battery choices for the R1T and R1S models, dubbed the Standard and Standard+ packs. These options are all about giving drivers more flexibility, matching up how far they wanna go with how much they're willing to spend.

Range and Charging

Looking at range, the Standard pack gets you around 270 miles, while the Standard+ bumps that up to 315 miles. Despite the extra miles, the price jump to the Standard+ isn't huge, making it a sweet deal for anyone looking to stretch their legs a bit more on the road. Rivian's batteries, packed with lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxides (NCA) cathodes, can be charged all the way up for those long hauls. But, to keep your battery happy and healthy, sticking to a daily charge of about 65-70% is the way to go, dropping it to 35-50% if you're parking it for a while.

Battery Pack Range Price for R1T Price for R1S
Standard 270 miles $72,400 $74,900
Standard+ 315 miles $75,500 $78,000

Dive deeper into these battery options and what they mean for you over at autoevolution.

Pricing Comparison

Large-Pack vs. Standard Battery Options

So, you're eyeing a Rivian R1S lease and wondering about the best bang for your buck? Here's the lowdown:

Battery Option Range Price
Standard 270-mile battery 270 miles $74,900 (source)
Standard+ 315-mile battery 315 miles $78,000 (source)
Large Battery Pack Not specified $100,800 MSRP with a lease effective cost of $1,136 before taxes & fees (source)

The Standard+ is a no-brainer if you're after a bit more range without breaking the bank. It's just a small step up in price for an extra 45 miles of adventure.

Federal EV Tax Credit Eligibility

And hey, don't forget about the federal EV tax credits when leasing. Rivian's got you covered, applying the full incentive directly, so you don't have to sweat the paperwork. Though the Inflation Reduction Act tweaked the numbers, leasing a Rivian R1S still hooks you up with a $7,500 tax credit (source), a perk you'd miss out on if you bought outright. Chatting with a tax pro can help you figure out how to max out those savings.

Competitive Analysis and Market Insights

Market Share and Consumer Preferences

The electric vehicle (EV) leasing scene is buzzing, with a noticeable uptick in folks choosing to lease instead of buy. A report from Electrek highlights that over 30% of EV enthusiasts are now going the leasing route, hitting a new high. This boom is fueled by enticing incentive programs and a wider range of affordable EVs hitting the market, making electric rides more appealing to a broader audience.

Rivian's R1S, the so-called "Adventure Vehicle," has made a splash, cracking into the top five best-selling EVs in the US last quarter, as per Electrek. What's impressive is Rivian's recent move to offer leasing options for the R1S, which has quickly grabbed a 3.4% slice of the EV sales pie in Q4. This shows a growing appetite for leasing top-notch, adventure-ready electric SUVs.

EV Model Percentage of EV Sales in Q4 Leasing Preference Among Consumers
Rivian R1S 3.4% Just started, catching on
Tesla Model Y 31.9% High
Tesla Model 3 17.6% Fairly popular
VW ID.4 3.9% High
Ford Mustang Mach-E 3.4% Fairly popular

Even though Rivian's R1S is just dipping its toes into leasing, the trend is clear: more EV buyers are leaning towards leasing. Rivian's move opens up new doors for folks wanting the thrill of an electric SUV without the full commitment of buying. This could mean bigger things for the R1S's market share as leasing becomes more popular.

Rivian R1S vs. Other Top-Selling EVs

Competitive Advantages and Challenges

The Rivian R1S is the new kid on the block in the EV leasing world, showing promise despite its lower leasing numbers compared to other big hitters. Here's a quick rundown:

EV Model Leasing Popularity (%) Q4 Sales Ranking Notable Feature
Rivian R1S 0.94% 5th Adventure Vehicle
Ford Mach-E Higher than R1S 4th -
VW ID.4 74.5% 3rd -
Tesla Model Y 9% 1st -
Tesla Model 3 14% 2nd -

Despite being a newcomer, the Rivian R1S's leap into the top 5 best-sellers last quarter is nothing to sneeze at, especially since leasing just got rolling (Electrek). Its unique "Adventure Vehicle" tag sets it apart, targeting those who love the great outdoors.

But here's the rub: Rivian's gotta pump up those leasing numbers. Trailing behind the competition, it's crucial for Rivian to beef up its leasing game to draw in more customers. A planned 30% production increase might just do the trick, helping to meet demand and possibly giving leasing figures a nice bump (Electrek).

All in all, the Rivian R1S is showing some solid potential in the EV market, especially among those looking for a bit of adventure. Yet, the challenge remains: to hike up its leasing appeal and go toe-to-toe with the top dogs.


What is the starting lease price for the Rivian R1S?
The starting lease price for the 2023 R1S Adventure Quad Motor AWD with the Large Battery Pack is $892 per month for 36 months, with $8,787 due at signing and a 10k miles/year allowance.

Can I lease a custom-built Rivian R1S model?
No, custom-built Rivian R1S models are not available for leasing. However, Rivian offers financing options for these unique configurations, with terms ranging from 48 to 84 months.

Are there any tax credits available when leasing the Rivian R1S?
Yes, if you're in one of the 15 states where Rivian's leasing program is available, you can benefit from a $7,500 clean vehicle tax credit applied directly to the lease, reducing the total cost.

What are the new battery options for the Rivian R1S, and how do they impact pricing?
Rivian introduced the Standard and Standard+ battery packs for the R1S, offering ranges of 270 miles and 315 miles, respectively. The Standard pack is priced at $74,900, while the Standard+ pack is $78,000, providing more flexibility in how far you want to go and how much you're willing to spend.

How does the Rivian R1S compare to other top-selling EVs in terms of leasing popularity and market share?
The Rivian R1S is a newcomer to the leasing market, capturing a 3.4% slice of the EV sales pie in Q4 2023. While its leasing numbers are lower compared to other top-selling EVs like the Tesla Model Y and VW ID.4, its unique position as an "Adventure Vehicle" sets it apart for those seeking an electric SUV with off-road capabilities.

What is Rivian's strategy to increase the R1S's presence in the EV market?
Rivian is expanding its lease program across more US territories and planning a 30% production increase to meet demand. These moves are aimed at boosting the R1S's market presence and making it a more attractive option for consumers interested in leasing an electric SUV.

What are the advantages of leasing the Rivian R1S over buying?
Leasing the Rivian R1S allows you to enjoy the latest electric SUV technology and performance without the full commitment of buying. Lessees can benefit from lower upfront costs, the $7,500 clean vehicle tax credit, and flexibility at the end of the lease term, including options to purchase the vehicle or return it without worrying about depreciation.

How does the Rivian R1S perform in terms of power and luxury?
The Rivian R1S is equipped with a quad-motor setup that delivers exceptional power and control, making it capable of handling various terrains. It also features premium materials, comfortable seating for up to seven, and advanced technology, including a massive infotainment system and a panoramic sunroof, ensuring a luxurious driving experience.

What is the mileage allowance for leasing the Rivian R1S, and what happens if I exceed it?
The standard mileage allowance for leasing the Rivian R1S is 10,000 miles per year. Rivian offers flexibility at the end of the lease term, allowing you to purchase the vehicle without extra charges for exceeding the mileage limit or minor wear and tear, providing peace of mind for lessees.

Can I finance a Rivian R1S if I decide not to lease?
Yes, Rivian offers financing options for the R1S with terms ranging from 48 to 84 months. This allows you to purchase the vehicle and spread the payments over time, offering an alternative to leasing for those who prefer to own their vehicle outright.