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Overview of Toyota Proace Electric Van Leasing
Toyota Lease Specials and Offers
Performance, Charging, and Features
Leasing Options and Deals

As the automotive world shifts towards sustainability, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. Among these, the Toyota Proace Electric Van stands out for its efficiency, performance, and leasing options. This article delves into the intricacies of leasing the Toyota Proace Electric, covering everything from pricing and driving range to performance features and end-of-lease considerations. Whether you're considering a personal lease or a business contract hire, understanding these aspects will ensure you make an informed decision.


  • Explore lease pricing, initial payment details, and the driving range of the Toyota Proace Electric Van.
  • Learn how electric vehicle leasing works, including the order process and what happens at the end of the contract.
  • Discover the performance, charging details, and unique features of the Toyota Proace City Electric Van.
  • Compare electric van leasing options and deals to find the most budget-friendly and beneficial terms.

Leveraging Financial Incentives for Sustainable Fleet Transition

Transitioning to an electric fleet, particularly with vehicles like the Toyota Proace Electric, not only aligns with environmental sustainability goals but also presents a financially viable option for businesses, thanks to government incentives and green energy tax breaks. The Commercial Electric Vehicle Tax Credit is a significant boon, offering up to $7,500 in federal tax credits for each electric vehicle leased. This initiative is designed to offset the higher upfront costs associated with electric vehicles, making the switch from traditional internal combustion engines to electric more attractive from a financial standpoint.

"By leveraging these incentives, businesses can significantly reduce the initial cost barrier, making the investment into electric vehicles more palatable and financially sound in the long run," highlights a recent analysis from Energy5.

Moreover, for larger electric vehicles, the tax credit can surge to as much as $40,000, underscoring the government's commitment to supporting businesses in their transition to greener alternatives. This financial advantage is crucial, as it not only aids in reducing the carbon footprint of businesses but also enhances the overall cost-effectiveness of maintaining an electric fleet.

  • Financial Benefits:
    • Federal tax credit of up to $7,500 per electric vehicle leased.
    • Potential for larger tax credits up to $40,000 for bigger electric vehicles.
    • Additional state incentives and rebates may apply, further reducing costs.

By integrating these incentives into their financial planning, businesses can expedite their transition to an electric fleet, ensuring a smoother shift towards sustainability while also reaping the benefits of lower operating costs and contributing to a cleaner environment. The Toyota Proace Electric, with its zero-emission operation and eligibility for these financial incentives, stands as a prime example of how businesses can effectively combine economic and environmental objectives.

Overview of Toyota Proace Electric Van Leasing

Toyota Electric Van Leasing Details

Lease Pricing and Initial Payment

Diving into the nitty-gritty, if you're eyeing a Toyota Proace Electric for your next ride, here's the deal on the dough you'll need to dish out. You're looking at a starting lease price of £565.37 per month for the Toyota Proace Electric, with an upfront cost of £1,168.23 and a £175 processing fee tacked on. This is for the business folks, so remember, it's all ex VAT. If your wallet's feeling a bit light, the Proace City Electric Icon Van 50kWh Auto might be more your speed, setting you back £389.41 per month ex VAT, with the initial and processing fees staying the same. To get the full scoop on prices and options, check out Nationwide Vehicle Contracts and Days Personal Choice.

Driving Range and Battery Warranty

Now, let's talk range and peace of mind. The Toyota Proace Electric gives you options: a 50kWh battery for up to 142 miles of cruising or a 75kWh beast that pushes you up to 205 miles. Perfect for either city slicking or hitting the open road. Plus, Toyota's got your back with a 5-year battery warranty, so you can drive stress-free. Dive deeper into the details by hitting up Nationwide Vehicle Contracts and Days Personal Choice.

Electric Vehicle Leasing Information

How Leasing Works

Leasing a Toyota Proace Electric is like renting your dream apartment but for wheels. You sign up, agree to a monthly fee for 2-4 years, and boom, you're rolling in a brand-new electric van without the headache of a full purchase. It's a sweet deal because the monthly bite is usually smaller than buying, and you might even dodge some maintenance costs. For the inside track on leasing, Days Personal Choice and My Big Green Fleet lay it all out.

Order Process and End of Contract Guide

Getting started is a breeze. Pick your model, pass a credit check, and sign on the dotted line. You'll need to cough up the initial payment, which covers the down payment, first month's rent, and any extra fees. Stick to the lease terms, like keeping an eye on mileage and taking good care of the van. When the lease is up, you can hand back the keys, buy the van for the agreed residual value, or maybe even extend the lease. For a step-by-step rundown, Days Personal Choice has all the info you need.

Toyota Lease Specials and Offers

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Lease Offers

Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Options

If you're eyeing a Toyota electric vehicle, the Toyota Proace Electric is a solid pick, especially for those needing a dependable electric van for city drives or longer hauls. Here's a quick dive into leasing versus buying the Toyota Proace Electric to help you figure out what's best for you.

Leasing vs Buying Toyota Proace Electric
Lease Price From £565.37 per month (Nationwide Vehicle Contracts)
Purchase Price From £46,054.00 OTR* (Nationwide Vehicle Contracts)
Benefits Leasing gets you in with lower upfront costs and the freedom to switch up to newer models. Buying means the van's all yours, offering long-term savings and no worries about lease terms.

Deciding between leasing and buying? It boils down to your wallet, how much you drive, and whether you're cool with not owning the vehicle. Leasing the Toyota Proace Electric is an easier way in, with perks like hopping into newer models without the fuss of selling your old ride. But, if you buy, you're in it for the long haul, saving more over time and cutting loose from lease agreements.

As your Toyota Proace Verso EV lease winds down, you've got some decisions to make, whether it's personal leasing or going the business contract hire route. The deal you get can look pretty different between personal and business contracts. Check out this comparison to steer through your end-of-lease choices:

Lease Type Business Price (Excl. VAT) Personal Price (Incl. VAT) Vehicle Type
PROACE CITY Long Elect 50kWh From £373.26 From £447.92 Icon Van Auto 11kW OBC
PROACE CITY Short Elect 50kWh From £371.10 From £445.32 Icon Van Auto 11kW OBC

When the end of your lease is on the horizon, think about whether you wanna stick with your current setup, jump into a new lease, or check out other avenues. Business leases can be kinder to your wallet thanks to tax breaks, while personal leases roll in VAT but might fit better if you're leasing for yourself. Don't forget to eyeball the fine print for end-of-contract stuff like mileage caps and wear and tear to dodge any surprise fees.

Performance, Charging, and Features

Electric Van Performance and Charging Details

Drive Modes and Battery Capacity

The Toyota Proace Electric comes with two battery options: a 50kWh and a beefier 75kWh. Opt for the 50kWh, and you'll zip from 0-62mph in 12 seconds flat, cruising up to 142 miles on a single charge. Need to go further? The 75kWh battery bumps that range up to 205 miles, perfect for longer hauls. Both pack a punch with a 136bhp electric motor, delivering a ride that's both smooth and peppy. You've got three driving modes to play with: Normal, Eco, and Sport. Eco mode dials it back to 82bhp to save on juice, while Sport lets you tap into all 136bhp for when you're feeling a bit more spirited (Nationwide Vehicle Contracts).

Charging Scenarios and Speed

Charging the Toyota Proace Electric is a breeze, whether you're topping off at home or need a quick boost on the road. Hook it up to a 100kW fast charger, and you'll get from empty to full in just 32 minutes for the 50kWh battery, or 48 minutes for the 75kWh. Got a standard wall box? No worries. You're looking at under five hours for a full charge on the 50kWh and seven hours for the 75kWh. So, whether you're grabbing a coffee or parked for the night, your Proace Electric will be ready to roll when you are (Nationwide Vehicle Contracts).

Toyota Proace City Electric Van Features

Design and Interior Layout

Inside, the Toyota Proace City Electric van is all about keeping things practical yet comfy. The cabin's got a quality feel, with tech that's more helpful than headache-inducing. The dash is a looker and easy to get along with, making sure you're focused on the job, not fumbling with controls. It sticks to a traditional layout, which might just be your cup of tea if you're not into the funky setups some other vans go for. Dive into the details on the interior and trims over at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

Payload and Towing Capacity

But it's not just a pretty face. The Toyota Proace City Electric van is a workhorse, too. With a payload capacity of up to 1,400kg, it's ready to lug around whatever you throw in it. The cargo space is roomy, measuring 3,674mm long, 1,397mm high, and 1,636mm wide, giving you a solid 5.8m^3 to play with. Need to tow? It's got you covered up to 750kg. For the nitty-gritty on payload and towing, check out Nationwide Vehicle Contracts and Days Personal Choice.

Leasing Options and Deals

Electric Van Leasing Options and Deals

Budget-Friendly Leasing Options

Looking into leasing an electric van? Well, going with GRIDSERVE can save you a pretty penny. Their deals mean you're not shelling out a ton upfront, and the monthly payments won't make your wallet cry. This is a big win for businesses or anyone trying to keep a tight rein on their spending but still wants to hop on the electric vehicle bandwagon.

Benefits of Leasing with GRIDSERVE

Choosing a Toyota electric van through GRIDSERVE isn't just kind to your bank account. You also get some sweet perks, like three months of free charging at any GRIDSERVE Electric Highway spot. Imagine the savings and the convenience! Plus, these folks know their stuff when it comes to green energy, so you're in good hands. They'll help make the switch to electric smooth sailing.

And here's the cherry on top: leasing means you can switch up your ride every few years. You'll always have the latest and greatest in electric vehicle tech without being tied down. It's a smart move for anyone looking to drive smart and sustainable.

Electric Van Lease Deals Comparison

Comparison of Lease Terms and Costs

Alright, let's talk turkey. If you're eyeing the Toyota Proace Electric, you'll want to stack up the deals side by side to see who's offering the best bang for your buck. Check out this comparison table for the Toyota Proace City Electric.

Provider Monthly Cost (ex VAT) Initial Payment (ex VAT) Range (WLTP) Battery Size URL
Days Personal Choice £389.41 £1,168.23 Not Specified 50 kWh Link
Gridserve Not Specified Not Specified 174 miles (WLTP), 148 miles (Real World Estimate) 50 kWh Link

Days Personal Choice lays out all the numbers for you, while Gridserve gives you the lowdown on how far you can go on a single charge but leaves the costs up in the air. It's not just about the price tag; you gotta think about how the van performs, like its range and battery size. To get the full scoop and find the perfect fit, hit up those URLs and chat directly with the providers.


What is the starting lease price for the Toyota Proace Electric?
The starting lease price for the Toyota Proace Electric is £565.37 per month, excluding VAT, with an upfront cost of £1,168.23 and a £175 processing fee.

What battery options are available for the Toyota Proace Electric, and what are their ranges?
The Toyota Proace Electric offers two battery options: a 50kWh battery with a range of up to 142 miles, and a 75kWh battery that can go up to 205 miles on a single charge.

How long is the battery warranty for the Toyota Proace Electric?
Toyota offers a 5-year battery warranty for the Proace Electric, providing peace of mind for drivers regarding the vehicle's battery health.

What are the benefits of leasing vs. buying the Toyota Proace Electric?
Leasing the Toyota Proace Electric offers lower upfront costs and the flexibility to upgrade to newer models without the hassle of selling your old vehicle. Buying, on the other hand, means the van is yours, potentially offering long-term savings and freedom from lease terms.

How long does it take to charge the Toyota Proace Electric?
Charging times for the Toyota Proace Electric vary by battery size and charging method. Using a 100kW fast charger, the 50kWh battery can be charged in just 32 minutes, and the 75kWh battery in 48 minutes. A standard wall box will fully charge the 50kWh battery in under five hours and the 75kWh battery in seven hours.

What is the payload capacity of the Toyota Proace City Electric van?
The Toyota Proace City Electric van has a payload capacity of up to 1,400kg, making it a capable option for transporting heavy loads.

What are the benefits of leasing with GRIDSERVE?
Leasing a Toyota electric van through GRIDSERVE can be cost-effective, with competitive monthly payments and low upfront costs. Additionally, lessees can enjoy three months of free charging at GRIDSERVE Electric Highway locations, adding value and convenience to the leasing experience.

Can I switch to a new electric vehicle model at the end of my lease with GRIDSERVE?
Yes, leasing with GRIDSERVE allows you to switch to a new electric vehicle model every few years, ensuring you always have access to the latest technology and features without being tied down to a single vehicle.

What are the interior features of the Toyota Proace City Electric van?
The interior of the Toyota Proace City Electric van is designed for practicality and comfort, featuring a quality feel, user-friendly tech, and a traditional layout that focuses on ease of use during driving.

What should I consider at the end of my Toyota Proace Electric lease?
At the end of your lease, consider whether you want to return the van, buy it for the residual value, or extend the lease. Also, review the lease terms for mileage limits and wear and tear to avoid any unexpected fees.