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Tesla Lease End Options and Policies
Handling of Returned Leased Teslas
Selling a Leased Tesla
Tesla Leasing Process Overview

As the end of a Tesla Model S lease approaches, lessees are faced with several decisions and options. From early termination and lease transfers to the future of returned leased vehicles, this comprehensive guide covers the ins and outs of concluding a Tesla lease. Whether you're considering upgrading to a new Tesla, returning your vehicle, or even selling a leased Tesla, understanding the policies and processes is crucial. Dive into the details of Tesla's leasing end options, policies, and the handling of returned vehicles to navigate the end of your lease with confidence.


  • Tesla's lease end options include upgrading, returning, or extending your lease, with specific policies for early termination and lease transfer.
  • No buyout option for Tesla vehicles delivered after April 15, 2022, affecting lease-end decisions.
  • Returned leased Teslas may be repurposed for Tesla's self-driving robotaxi fleet or used in the loaner fleet.
  • Selling a leased Tesla involves a virtual inspection and driveway pickup, with platforms like Find My Electric offering listings and cash offers.

When it comes to minimizing the environmental footprint of driving a Tesla, both leasing and purchasing offer unique opportunities and challenges. The decision between leasing a Tesla and buying a new or used model involves considering the full lifecycle of the vehicle, including manufacturing emissions, usage, and end-of-life disposal.

Leasing a Tesla often means lower manufacturing emissions impact, as the vehicle can be returned and repurposed, potentially entering Tesla's self-driving robotaxi fleet or serving as a loaner. This reuse extends the vehicle's service life before it reaches end-of-life disposal, arguably reducing the per-year environmental footprint. However, the true environmental savings hinge on the vehicle's next life phase and the efficiency of Tesla's recycling programs.

On the other hand, purchasing a Tesla, whether new or used, places the onus of maximizing the vehicle's lifecycle on the owner. A longer ownership period can dilute the manufacturing emissions over many years, especially if the vehicle is well-maintained and used efficiently. Owners also have more direct control over reducing their vehicle's operational emissions by installing home solar panels or participating in renewable energy programs.

"Both leasing and purchasing a Tesla can have similar environmental impacts depending on how the car is recycled or disposed of at the end of its lifecycle." -

Tesla leaseholders and owners alike can invest in renewable energy credits or carbon offset projects to further mitigate their environmental impact. While leaseholders may face limitations in installing permanent home solutions like solar panels, they can still participate in Tesla's sustainability initiatives and third-party renewable programs.

Aspect Leasing a Tesla Purchasing a Tesla
Manufacturing Emissions Potentially lower, as vehicle can be repurposed Diluted over longer ownership period
Usage Latest technology use; limited personalization Full control over vehicle's energy efficiency
End-of-Life Dependent on Tesla's repurposing/recycling Owner responsible for sustainable disposal
Renewable Energy Participation Through credits and third-party programs Direct installation and Tesla programs

In conclusion, whether leasing or buying, Tesla drivers have several paths to reducing their environmental footprint. The choice depends on personal preferences, lifestyle, and a commitment to sustainability practices.

Tesla Lease End Options and Policies

Options for Ending a Tesla Model S Lease Early

Got a Tesla Model S lease you're thinking about ending early? Here's the lowdown on your options. Each path has its own set of steps and costs, so pick what works best for you.

Early Termination

Want out of your lease early? It's doable but might hit your wallet hard. Tesla's got two ways to cut ties early, depending on how much time you've got left:

  • Under three months left: Just pay off what's left of your lease and any end-of-term fees through the Tesla Leasing Portal.
  • Three or more months to go: You'll need to cover the gap between your lease balance and the car's current market value. Head over to your Tesla app or account to get this sorted.

Heads up, though – early termination quotes vanish the day before your next payment is due, so watch the clock.

Lease Transfer: The Nitty-Gritty

Handing off your lease to someone else is another way to bow out early. Here's the drill:

  1. Eligibility: Your lease needs at least 13 months left, all payments up to date, and it can't have been transferred before.
  2. Fees: Get ready to fork over a $150 credit application fee and a $500 lease transfer fee, plus any taxes.
  3. Process: The new driver needs to apply online, show a valid driver’s license, and prove they've got the right insurance.

The transfer kicks off once the new driver uploads all the needed docs to their Tesla Account. For a step-by-step guide, Tesla's got you covered right here.

Choosing between saying goodbye early or passing the baton depends on your lease time left, your finances, and finding someone to take over.

Thinking About a New Tesla?

As your lease winds down, maybe you're eyeing a newer model. Tesla's latest rides come with all the bells and whistles – think zippier acceleration and longer range. To get the ball rolling on an upgrade, just reach out to Tesla. If you're looking to switch gears before your lease is up, Tesla offers paths for early termination or a lease transfer, tailored to your situation. Dive into the details on linking your lease return to a new order here.

Time to Say Goodbye?

If returning your Tesla feels right, the process is a breeze. Tesla will hit you up 30-60 days before your lease ends to set up a final inspection and drop-off time. It's designed to be smooth sailing for you. For the full scoop on returns, click here.

Need More Time?

Not quite ready to part ways with your Tesla or decide on a new ride? Extending your lease is an option. This gives you more time with your current Tesla while you figure out your next move. Check out how to apply for an extension here.

Heads Up on Lease Buyout Policy

If you're leasing a Tesla or thinking about it, note this big change: As of April 15, 2022, you can't buy your leased Tesla at the end of the term if it was delivered after this date. This is a shift from the past when you could choose to buy. If your Tesla was leased before this cutoff, you still have the buy option, but there's a purchase fee for vehicles delivered after April 13, 2019. Make sure to review your lease agreement closely. For more info, check out the announcement on InsideEVs and Tesla's lease-end options.

Handling of Returned Leased Teslas

Future of Returned Leased Vehicles

Use in Self-Driving Robotaxi Fleet

Tesla's got big dreams for its returned leased vehicles, eyeing a future where they join a self-driving robotaxi fleet. But let's be real, there are some hefty hurdles to jump over first. The tech and rules of the road aren't quite there yet, making this vision more of a long game. Folks on Tesla Motors Club have been chewing over how big a bite Tesla's trying to take, and it seems like we might have to wait a bit longer to hail a driverless Tesla.

Auction and Sale of Repossessed Cars

For now, Tesla's keeping busy by auctioning off and selling these returned rides. With the demand for used electric vehicles through the roof, Tesla's making a pretty penny on these sales. Over at Tesla Motors Club, there's talk about how these vehicles are fetching more at auction than what the leaseholder might pay at lease end. Tesla's playing it smart, using this strategy to keep its fleet fresh and its pockets lined, especially since they're not offering a buyout option on recent leases. It's a slick move that keeps the wheels turning and the used Teslas flowing through Find My Electric.

Pre-Owned Teslas

Use in Tesla's Loaner Fleet

Ever wonder what happens to your Tesla Model S when the lease is up? Some of these pre-loved Teslas get a second act in Tesla's loaner fleet. It's a win-win: customers needing a ride while their car's in the shop get to keep rolling in a Tesla, and the company shows off how their EVs can go the distance. The chatter on Tesla Motors Club suggests Tesla's mixing lease returns and trade-ins for these loaners, though the details are a bit hazy. It's a smart play, showing Tesla's knack for squeezing every bit of value out of its vehicles and keeping its commitment to sustainability in the spotlight.

Selling a Leased Tesla

Selling Your Leased Tesla Model S: A Simple Guide

Virtual Inspection and Driveway Pickup

So, your Tesla Model S lease is almost up, and you're thinking about selling it. Good news: both Tesla and third-party dealers have got your back with some pretty straightforward options. Let's dive into what each offers:

Tesla's Process Third-Party Dealers Process
Start by hopping onto the Tesla app. Tesla walks you through a virtual inspection and helps you set up a drop-off appointment. For the nitty-gritty, check out Tesla's lease end options. Third-party dealers, like those teamed up with EV Cash Offer, are ready to make you an offer after a virtual inspection and can even pick up the car right from your driveway. For more on this, head over to Find My Electric.

Both paths are designed to be as painless as possible. Whether you're going back to Tesla or opting for a third-party dealer, knowing what's involved can make the whole lease-end thing a breeze.

Your Choices on Find My Electric

As the end of your Tesla Model S lease draws near, Find My Electric lays out a couple of paths you can take:

Used EV Listings

Throwing your Tesla Model S up on the used EV market is a no-brainer with Find My Electric. It's free to list, and you can always bump up your ad with some premium features. This way is perfect if you're aiming to connect directly with the EV crowd and maybe pocket a bit more cash.

EV Cash Offer

If you're all about keeping things simple and quick, the EV Cash Offer might be your jam. You'll get a solid offer from dealership partners, no strings attached. This route is ideal for those who'd rather skip the whole song and dance of listings and haggling.

Whether you're looking to maximize your return or just want the easiest path forward, Find My Electric has got you covered for selling your leased Tesla Model S.

Tesla Leasing Process Overview

Steps to Lease a Tesla

Selecting 'Lease' as Payment Method

Kicking things off, if you're eyeing a Tesla and thinking about leasing, you'll want to pick 'Lease' when you're ordering your ride online. Just a heads up, not all Tesla models, like the Cybertruck, are up for leasing. Plus, the deal you get might change depending on where you live, and you might bump into some extra taxes and fees. To get the lowdown on leasing and crunch some numbers with the Tesla leasing calculator, swing by Tesla's leasing support page.

Lease Application and Approval Process

Once you've gone with 'Lease' for your payment method, the next step is filling out the lease application. You'll need to dish out some personal info like your birthday, social security number, job details, and how much you're making. Tesla will take a look at your application once you hit submit. If anything changes or if your lease approval runs out, just reapply following the same steps. Getting the thumbs up on your application means you'll see a notification in the ‘Payment Method’ section of your Tesla Account. After accepting the financing offer, a Tesla Advisor will reach out to help you get your car. For the nitty-gritty on the application and approval, check out Tesla's leasing guide.

Restrictions and Requirements

Personal Use Only

Leasing a Tesla, especially a Model S, means the car's gotta be for just you and your personal use. No using your leased Tesla for making a buck through transport or rental gigs. This rule is all about keeping the car in tip-top shape and making sure everything's square with the lease agreement. Dive into the specifics of the personal use policy over at Tesla's support page.

State-Specific Restrictions

Heads up, leasing a Tesla comes with some rules that change depending on where you're at. For example, folks in Texas and Michigan need to clear their final payment before they can even think about scheduling their delivery. It's a key step to dodge any legal snags and smooth out your leasing journey. For the scoop on what's what in your state, take a peek at the guidelines on Tesla's official website.


Can I end my Tesla Model S lease early?
Yes, you can end your Tesla Model S lease early. If you have under three months left, you can pay off the remaining lease and any end-of-term fees. For leases with three or more months left, you'll need to cover the difference between the lease balance and the car's current market value. Early termination details can be managed through the Tesla Leasing Portal or your Tesla account.

What are the fees for transferring a Tesla lease to someone else?
When transferring a Tesla lease, you'll encounter a $150 credit application fee and a $500 lease transfer fee, plus any applicable taxes. The new driver must also apply online, provide a valid driver’s license, and show proof of insurance.

Can I buy my leased Tesla at the end of the lease term?
As of April 15, 2022, Tesla no longer allows the purchase of leased vehicles at the end of the term if the vehicle was delivered after this date. If your Tesla was leased before this cutoff, you might still have the option to buy, subject to a purchase fee for vehicles delivered after April 13, 2019.

What happens to Tesla vehicles once they are returned at the end of a lease?
Returned leased Teslas may be auctioned off, sold, used in Tesla's loaner fleet, or potentially in the future, become part of a self-driving robotaxi fleet. The specific path depends on various factors, including the condition and demand for the vehicle.

How can I sell my leased Tesla Model S?
You can sell your leased Tesla Model S either back to Tesla or through a third-party dealer. Both options involve a virtual inspection and, in the case of third-party dealers, may include driveway pickup of the vehicle. Websites like Find My Electric offer platforms for listing your leased Tesla for sale to private buyers or receiving an EV Cash Offer from dealership partners.

What are the steps to lease a Tesla?
To lease a Tesla, select 'Lease' as your payment method when ordering your vehicle online, complete the lease application with your personal and financial information, and wait for approval. Once approved, you'll be notified in the 'Payment Method' section of your Tesla Account, and a Tesla Advisor will assist you in finalizing the lease.

Are there any restrictions on using a leased Tesla?
Yes, leased Teslas are intended for personal use only. You cannot use your leased vehicle for commercial purposes, such as transport or rental services. Additionally, there may be state-specific restrictions and requirements that could affect your lease, so it's important to check Tesla's official guidelines for your area.

What should I do if I need more time with my leased Tesla?
If you're not ready to part with your Tesla or decide on a new vehicle, you can apply for a lease extension. This option gives you more time with your current Tesla while you consider your next steps. Details on how to apply for an extension can be found on Tesla's support page for leasing.