Jeep Avenger Two Year 24 Month Lease

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Jeep Avenger Lease Overview
Jeep Avenger Electric Features
Car Leasing Fundamentals
Jeep Vehicle Incentives and Offers

Embarking on a journey to lease a Jeep Avenger for two years unveils a realm of possibilities and considerations. From the diverse models and trim levels available to the intricate details of lease payment calculations, this guide aims to illuminate the path for potential lessees. Whether you're drawn to the Avenger for its electric prowess or the enticing lease incentives, understanding the fundamentals of car leasing alongside the specific features of the Jeep Avenger will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.


  • Explore various Jeep Avenger models and trim levels, alongside lease terms and pricing.
  • Delve into the electric features of the Jeep Avenger, including powertrain options and charging capabilities.
  • Understand the factors influencing monthly lease payments and the benefits of leasing over buying.
  • Discover special Jeep vehicle incentives, including discounts for first responders and military personnel.

Environmental and Competitive Edge of the Jeep Avenger

When considering the leap into the realm of electric or hybrid vehicles, the Jeep Avenger emerges as a compelling contender, especially for those mindful of their carbon footprint. Opting for an electric or hybrid model over a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle can significantly reduce planet-warming emissions. This transition is pivotal in the fight against climate change, with electric vehicles (EVs) like the Jeep Avenger playing a crucial role. However, it's essential to note that the environmental benefits are maximized when the electricity used for charging comes from renewable sources. As highlighted by the EPA, EVs generally have lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to their gasoline counterparts, underscoring the long-term sustainability benefits of making such a switch.

In the competitive landscape of electric and hybrid SUVs, the Jeep Avenger holds its ground with unique features and lease options. Unlike some of its rivals, the Avenger offers a blend of electric, hybrid, and combustion powertrains, including a 48-volt mild hybrid system. This versatility provides a broader choice for consumers, catering to a range of driving needs and preferences. However, a notable shortcoming has been its lack of four-wheel drive—a hallmark of the Jeep brand. This gap is set to be bridged with the introduction of the Jeep Avenger 4xe model, which promises all-wheel drive capability and the ability to run purely on electric power at low speeds, enhancing the driving experience.

"The Jeep Avenger stands out in the electric and hybrid SUV market with its unique powertrain options and the upcoming all-wheel drive feature, offering a competitive edge." - Motor1

By marrying environmental consciousness with distinctive features and flexibility in powertrain options, the Jeep Avenger not only appeals to those looking to reduce their carbon footprint but also to enthusiasts seeking the reliability and adventure-ready spirit synonymous with the Jeep brand.

Jeep Avenger Lease Overview

Available Models and Trim Levels

Diving into the Jeep Avenger's world, you've got a buffet of options to pick from. Whether you're eyeing a traditional ride or leaning towards an electric adventure, there's something for everyone. The lineup includes the 1.2 Altitude+, 1.2 e-Hybrid Altitude DCT, 1.2 e-Hybrid Longitude DCT, and the 1.2 e-Hybrid Summit DCT. For those looking to ditch the gas pump, the Jeep Avenger Electric rolls out with models like the 115kW Altitude 54kWh Auto and the 115kW Summit 54kWh Auto.

Here's a quick rundown to help you zero in on your perfect match:

Model Lease Term Key Features
Jeep Avenger 1.2 Altitude+ 24 months Alloys 18", Cruise Control, USB
Jeep Avenger 1.2 e-Hybrid Altitude DCT 24 months USB
Jeep Avenger 1.2 e-Hybrid Longitude DCT 24 months Park Sensors
Jeep Avenger 1.2 e-Hybrid Summit DCT 24 months Park Sensors, Alloys 18", Cruise Control, Privacy Glass
Jeep Avenger Electric 115kW Altitude 54kWh Auto 24 months Electric, USB
Jeep Avenger Electric 115kW Summit 54kWh Auto 24 months Electric, Alloys 18", Cruise Control, Privacy Glass

For the nitty-gritty on pricing and availability, hit up Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. Picking the right model and trim is a big deal, so think about what ticks your boxes in a vehicle.

Lease Terms and Pricing

Alright, let's talk turkey. If you're mulling over a two-year lease for a Jeep Avenger, getting a handle on the different models and their prices is key. Here's a snapshot of what you're looking at, from the gas-sippers to the electric dynamos:

Jeep Avenger Model Lease Term Monthly Payment
1.2 Altitude+ In Stock 24 months £259.23
Electric 115kW Altitude 54kWh Auto MY23 24 months £360.36
Electric 115kW Summit 54kWh Auto 24 months £577.68
Electric 115kW Altitude 54kWh Auto 24 months £547.56
Electric 115kW Longitude 54kWh Auto 24 months £566.93
Electric 115kW First Edition 54kWh Auto 24 months £372.19

Peep Nationwide Vehicle Contracts for the full scoop. This table lays out the landscape, showing you how the choice of model and features can swing your monthly payment. Electric models might pinch the wallet a bit more, but they're a solid pick for the eco-conscious. Weigh your options and what you value most in your ride.

Features and Benefits for Business Lease Customers

For the business folks looking at a two-year lease on a Jeep Avenger, there's a lot to love. Zero emissions at the tailpipe means you're doing right by the planet and snagging some sweet savings with ultra-low Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates. That's a win-win in our book.

The Jeep Avenger doesn't skimp on the tech and comfort, either. Ambient lighting and a 10.25-inch touchscreen make for a slick cabin vibe, while ‘Level 2’ autonomous driving features like adaptive cruise control and lane-centering take the edge off those long hauls. Plus, with all-round parking sensors and a rear-view camera, squeezing into those tight spots is a breeze.

Businesses eyeing the Jeep Avenger for their fleet are looking at a ride that's not just practical but also a pleasure to drive. It's a smart pick for a two-year business lease, blending environmental perks with top-notch tech and comfort.

For the deep dive on the Jeep Avenger's leasing options, check out Select Car Leasing and Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

Jeep Avenger Electric Features

Powertrain Options and Charging Capabilities

Diving into the Jeep Avenger's lease options, let's talk power and juice. The Avenger comes in both electric and hybrid flavors, giving you some solid choices. If you're leaning towards electric, you're looking at a zippy 156 hp and a torque of 260 Nm. Need a quick charge? No sweat. The Avenger zaps up to 80% battery in just about 30 minutes with a 100 kWh DC rapid charger. For the daily grind, a home wallbox charger gets you fully charged in around 5.5 hours.

Eyeing the hybrid? The Avenger's got you covered with an option that's all about flexibility, perfect for city slickers and road trippers alike. The electric model shines with a range of up to 248 miles on a single charge.

Here's the lowdown on lease prices for the electric model:

Model 24 Months Lease Price
Jeep Avenger Electric 115kW Altitude 54kWh Auto £547.56
Jeep Avenger Electric 115kW Longitude 54kWh Auto £566.93
Jeep Avenger Electric 115kW Summit 54kWh Auto £577.68

These figures are for a 24-month lease, showing off the different trims available for the electric Jeep Avenger. Whether you're all about that electric efficiency, quick charging, or want the hybrid's versatility, there's a Jeep Avenger that's right up your alley.

Interior and Exterior Highlights

Now, let's gab about what makes the Jeep Avenger a looker and a keeper. On the outside, it's all muscle and grit, decked out with 18-inch alloys and 360-degree body protection. Plus, a hands-free, power-lift tailgate makes loading up a breeze.

Step inside, and it's a whole other world. The Avenger packs a punch with tech and features that dial up the driving experience. You've got driving settings like ‘Snow’, ‘Sand/Mud’, ‘Rock’, ‘Sport’, and ‘Tow’ at your fingertips, ready to tackle whatever the road or trail throws at you.

For those itching to know more about leasing specifics, especially for the Jeep Avenger 1.2 Altitude+ and electric models, check out Nationwide Vehicle Contracts and Select Car Leasing. Though, heads up, some pricing details are still on the "Coming Soon" side.

All in all, the Jeep Avenger's mix of tough looks, cozy insides, and adaptable performance makes it a top pick for anyone considering a two-year lease. Whether it's the style, the tech, or the flexibility that grabs you, the Avenger is geared to satisfy a wide range of tastes and needs.

Car Leasing Fundamentals

Car Lease Payment Calculation

What Affects Your Monthly Lease Payments?

So, you're eyeing a two-year lease for a Jeep Avenger, huh? Well, there's a bunch of stuff that's gonna tweak how much cash you're shelling out each month. We're talking vehicle price, how much you put down upfront, the car's value at the end of the lease (residual value), sales tax, the money factor (kinda like interest rate), and of course, how long you're leasing it for. Each piece of this puzzle can either save you some bucks or cost you more.

For example, picking a 24-month lease usually means higher monthly payments than if you stretch it out to 36 months. That's because you've got less time to cover the car's depreciation. But, on the flip side, a shorter lease might mean the car's worth more at the end, which can help balance things out a bit.

And don't forget about the down payment. The more you pay upfront, the less you gotta finance, which means lower monthly payments. But, you gotta make sure you're not just throwing money away. It's all about finding that sweet spot.

Here's a quick rundown of how these bits and pieces play into your monthly payments:

Factor Influence on Monthly Payments
Vehicle Price Bagging a lower price means less to pay each month.
Down Payment More upfront lowers monthly payments but hits you harder initially.
Residual Value A higher end value means you're financing less depreciation, which can ease monthly payments.
Sales Tax This one's a wildcard, depending on where you live, and it definitely impacts your monthly outlay.
Money Factor Think of this as the lease's interest rate. Lower is better for your wallet.
Lease Term Short and sweet (like 24 months) often means higher monthly payments than the long haul options.

Getting a grip on these factors can help you wheel and deal for better lease terms that won't break the bank. Always crunch those numbers with a lease payment calculator to get a clear picture before you sign anything.

Benefits and Considerations of Leasing

Why Leasing a Jeep Avenger Might Just Be Your Best Bet

Thinking about leasing a Jeep Avenger for two years? Let's stack it up against buying to see what's what. Leasing's got its perks, especially if you're all about keeping your options open and staying up-to-date with the latest wheels. Here's the lowdown:

Aspect Leasing a Jeep Avenger Buying a Jeep Avenger
Upfront Costs Often easier on the wallet, sometimes even no money down. (source) Usually, you're looking at a 20% down payment for the sweetest financing deals.
Monthly Payments Typically more budget-friendly, letting you breathe easier. (source) Higher, since you're covering the full price tag plus interest.
Vehicle Upgrade Easy peasy. Slide into a new ride every 2-3 years and always have the latest tech and safety features. (source) Want a new car? You gotta sell or trade in the old one, usually at a loss thanks to depreciation.
Depreciation Not your circus, not your monkeys. You hand back the keys at the end of the lease. The drop in value is all on you, which can sting when it's time to sell.

Leasing a Jeep Avenger, especially with a 24-month term, can be a smart move if you like keeping things fresh without the hassle of ownership. Plus, it's kind on your wallet upfront and each month, and you don't have to sweat the small stuff like depreciation.

Jeep Vehicle Incentives and Offers

Special Offers and Programs

Discounts for Heroes and Those with Disabilities

Thinking about a two-year lease on a Jeep Avenger? Well, you're in luck, especially if you're a first responder, in the military, or living with a disability. Jeep's got your back with some sweet deals. They're throwing in $500 Military Bonus Cash and $500 First Responders Bonus Cash for select 2024 and 2023 models. This is for the folks who are active or retired from the military, including those who are 100% disabled veterans, and for the first responders out there – the police, firefighters, and EMTs.

All you gotta do is shoot over some basic info for verification through Jeep's third-party service. Once you're confirmed, you'll get an authorization number to wave at participating dealerships, and bam, you snag that discount.

For the nitty-gritty on who's eligible and how to get this rolling, hit up Jeep's official pages for Military Bonus Cash and First Responders Bonus Cash.

These discounts are Jeep's way of tipping their hat to those who've served or are serving our communities and country. It's a solid move that makes getting into a Jeep Avenger a bit easier on the wallet.

Grand Cherokee Safety and Pricing

Top Marks for Safety

Now, let's talk about the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This ride isn't just about looks; it's also packing some serious safety cred. It's snagged the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award, but only for the models built after May 2023. So, if safety's a big deal for you (and it should be), the Grand Cherokee's got you covered. Dive into the details over at Jeep's official website.

Pricing-wise, the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee kicks off at $36,495. It's a sweet spot of luxury, performance, and, you guessed it, safety. Need more room or itching for hybrid tech? The Grand Cherokee L starts at $42,630, and the Grand Cherokee 4xe's at $60,490. There's a flavor of Grand Cherokee for everyone, whether you're hauling a family, gear, or just want that hybrid glow. For all the pricing deets and more, Jeep's website is the place to be.


What models and trim levels are available for the Jeep Avenger lease?
The Jeep Avenger lease options include the 1.2 Altitude+, 1.2 e-Hybrid Altitude DCT, 1.2 e-Hybrid Longitude DCT, 1.2 e-Hybrid Summit DCT, and the electric models like the 115kW Altitude 54kWh Auto and the 115kW Summit 54kWh Auto.

How long is the lease term for a Jeep Avenger, and what are the key features?
The lease term for a Jeep Avenger is 24 months. Key features vary by model but can include Alloys 18", Cruise Control, USB, Park Sensors, and Privacy Glass, with electric models highlighting their electric powertrain.

What are the monthly payments for leasing a Jeep Avenger?
Monthly payments for leasing a Jeep Avenger range from £259.23 for the 1.2 Altitude+ model to £577.68 for the Electric 115kW Summit 54kWh Auto model. Prices can vary based on the model and trim level chosen.

What benefits do business lease customers get with a Jeep Avenger?
Business lease customers enjoy ultra-low Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates due to zero emissions at the tailpipe, along with advanced tech and comfort features like ambient lighting, a 10.25-inch touchscreen, and ‘Level 2’ autonomous driving features.

What are the powertrain options and charging capabilities of the Jeep Avenger Electric?
The Jeep Avenger Electric offers a 156 hp powertrain with 260 Nm of torque, capable of charging up to 80% in about 30 minutes with a 100 kWh DC rapid charger. A full charge with a home wallbox charger takes around 5.5 hours.

What interior and exterior features does the Jeep Avenger offer?
The Jeep Avenger boasts 18-inch alloys, 360-degree body protection, a hands-free power-lift tailgate, ambient lighting, a 10.25-inch touchscreen, and various driving settings like ‘Snow’, ‘Sand/Mud’, ‘Rock’, ‘Sport’, and ‘Tow’.

How are monthly lease payments calculated for a car like the Jeep Avenger?
Monthly lease payments are influenced by factors such as the vehicle price, down payment, residual value, sales tax, money factor (interest rate), and lease term. Each factor can affect the monthly payment amount.

What are the benefits of leasing a Jeep Avenger compared to buying?
Leasing a Jeep Avenger offers lower upfront and monthly payments, the flexibility to upgrade to a new car every 2-3 years, and freedom from depreciation concerns. Buying, however, involves higher monthly payments and dealing with depreciation but allows for ownership.

Are there any special offers or programs available for leasing a Jeep Avenger?
Yes, Jeep offers $500 Military Bonus Cash and $500 First Responders Bonus Cash for select 2024 and 2023 models for eligible military personnel, veterans, and first responders.

What safety ratings does the Jeep Grand Cherokee have, and what is its starting price?
The Jeep Grand Cherokee has earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award for models built after May 2023. The starting price for the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee is $36,495, with the Grand Cherokee L starting at $42,630 and the Grand Cherokee 4xe at $60,490.