Best Electric Car EV Lease Deals Iowa IA

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Overview of Electric Vehicle Lease Offers in Iowa
Electric Vehicle Incentive Programs in Iowa
Electric Vehicle Model Comparisons and Deals
Practical Considerations for Leasing Electric Vehicles

As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to expand, Iowa residents are increasingly considering EVs as a viable option for their next vehicle lease. This comprehensive guide delves into the best electric car lease deals across Iowa, comparing offers from a variety of brands including Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, as well as emerging brands like Ford and Volkswagen. Additionally, it explores state and federal incentives, practical considerations for leasing EVs, and highlights upcoming models to watch out for.


  • Comparison of electric vehicle lease offers from luxury to mainstream brands.
  • Insight into CFU Electric Vehicle Rebate and Charging Program and other incentives.
  • Model-specific lease offers and upcoming EV highlights for 2023 and 2024.
  • Practical considerations for leasing EVs, including charging costs and vehicle performance.

Financial and Environmental Advantages of Leasing EVs in Iowa

When considering the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) in Iowa, both the environmental and financial benefits are compelling. Iowa's energy mix, heavily reliant on wind and other renewable sources, positions EVs as a cleaner alternative to traditional gasoline vehicles. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, the state's reliance on low-polluting energy sources for electricity generation means that leasing an EV in Iowa could significantly reduce your carbon footprint compared to purchasing a new or used gasoline vehicle.

Financially, the benefits of participating in EV incentive programs like the CFU Electric Vehicle Rebate and Charging Program are substantial. The average annual cost to charge an EV in Iowa is markedly lower at $461, compared to $1,271 for fueling a gasoline car, as highlighted by CFU's official site. Furthermore, the Off-Peak EV Charging Program offers additional savings, with up to $8 per month in bill credits.

"The long-term financial benefits of EV incentive programs in Iowa, including lower annual charging costs and potential savings on maintenance, make electric vehicles a cost-effective option over their lifespan compared to traditional gasoline vehicles." - Volkswagen of Des Moines

By leveraging federal tax credits and rebates from utility companies, EV owners can enjoy significant savings. This, combined with the environmental benefits of driving an EV in a state that supports renewable energy, makes leasing an electric vehicle in Iowa an attractive proposition for those looking to reduce both their carbon footprint and vehicle ownership costs.

Overview of Electric Vehicle Lease Offers in Iowa

Electric Vehicle Lease Offers: A Quick Look

Hyundai vs. Kia: The Electric Showdown

Let's dive into the electric vehicle (EV) lease offers starting with Hyundai and Kia. If you're eyeing a Hyundai, the 2024 IONIQ 6 is up for grabs at $234 a month, and the IONIQ 5 at $267 a month. Both of these deals ask for $2,000 upfront and lock you in for 36 months. Kia isn't far behind with the EV6, setting you back $259 monthly for 24 months, but with a higher initial payment of $4,926.

Stepping into Luxury: Mercedes-Benz and BMW

For those with a taste for the finer things, BMW's got some tempting offers. The 2024 BMW iX and i4 are on the table with financing rates of 2.99% and 3.99%, respectively. Mercedes-Benz keeps its cards close to its chest, leaving us guessing on the specifics.

Mainstream and Up-and-Comers: Ford, VW, Chevy, and More

Looking at the broader market, the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 and Chevrolet Bolt EV are making waves with their lease offers. The ID.4 is available at $281 per month, and the Bolt EV at $444, both with $2,000 due at signing for a 36-month term. Ford is playing the long game with 0% financing on the 2023 Mustang Mach-E and 1.9% on the F-150 Lightning, though they're keeping the monthly payments under wraps.

Brand Model Monthly Payment Term Due at Signing
Hyundai IONIQ 6 $234 36 months $2,000
Hyundai IONIQ 5 $267 36 months $2,000
Kia EV6 $259 24 months $4,926
Volkswagen ID.4 $281 36 months $2,000
Chevrolet Bolt EV $444 36 months $2,000

This rundown gives you a taste of the EV lease offers floating around Iowa, catering to all sorts of tastes and budgets.

Digging Deeper: Lease Terms and Costs

Let's get into the nitty-gritty. The 2024 Hyundai IONIQ 6 is a steal at $234 a month, with the IONIQ 5 not far behind. Both are set for 36 months with a generous 12,000 miles a year. If luxury's your thing, the BMW iX starts at a hefty $956 a month for the same term, showing just how varied monthly payments can be.

Vehicle Model Monthly Payment Lease Term Miles/Year Source
2024 Hyundai IONIQ 6 $234 36 months 12,000 TrueCar
2024 Hyundai IONIQ 5 $267 36 months 12,000 TrueCar
2024 BMW iX $956 36 months 12,000 TrueCar

When it comes to down payments and the total cost of the lease, it's a mixed bag. The Hyundai IONIQ 6 asks for $2,000 upfront, while the BMW iX wants $7,799, reflecting its luxury status.

Vehicle Model Down Payment Total Lease Cost Source
2024 Hyundai IONIQ 6 $2,000 Not Specified TrueCar
2024 BMW iX $7,799 Not Specified TrueCar

By comparing these details, you'll get a clearer picture of what you're signing up for and find the best fit for your wallet and driving habits.

Electric Vehicle Incentive Programs in Iowa

CFU Electric Vehicle Rebate and Charging Program

Get Your Rebates and Charge Up!

Thinking about getting into an electric vehicle (EV) in Iowa? Well, the CFU Electric Vehicle Rebate and Charging Program is here to sweeten the deal for you. If you're a residential or business customer of CFU and you've got a qualified electric ride, you're in for a $50 electric vehicle (EV) community incentive. This deal's good for both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that can zip along over 60 mph. Just a heads up, though – those electric golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles like the GEM Peapod don’t make the cut. Got more than one EV? No sweat, you can snag a rebate for each, just fill out a form for every vehicle. And yep, if you're swapping out an old EV for a new one, you're still in the game for the rebate. Check out all the nitty-gritty at CFU's EV program page.

Charge Smarter, Not Harder

But wait, there's more! The CFU Electric Vehicle Rebate and Charging Program isn’t just throwing rebates your way; it’s also all about getting you to charge your EV during off-peak hours. Charge up overnight (weekdays from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.) or any time on weekends, and you could pocket up to $8 per month. This isn’t just good for your wallet; it’s a solid move for managing the electric grid more efficiently too. Best part? Once you're in, there's no extra paperwork – just charge up and enjoy the savings. Dive into the details at CFU's EV charging program.

Don’t Miss Out on State and Federal Incentives

Jumping into an EV lease in Iowa gets even better when you factor in the state and federal incentives. These perks are all about nudging folks towards cleaner rides.

Cash In on Tax Credits and Rebates

The government’s throwing in some sweet deals with tax credits and rebates for leasing EVs, which can seriously slash your leasing costs. The U.S. federal EV tax credit is a biggie, offering a hefty discount on eligible vehicles. When you lease, this credit typically goes to the lender, which means lower monthly payments for you. For the scoop on which models qualify, hit up InsideEVs.

Boost Your Charging Setup

And let’s not forget about beefing up your charging setup. There are incentives out there for installing home charging stations, making it a breeze (and easier on the wallet) to keep your EV juiced up. Cedar Falls Utilities, for example, offers credits for those who join their Off-Peak EV Charging Program, encouraging the shift towards renewable energy for charging.

Electric Vehicle Model Comparisons and Deals

Model-Specific Lease Offers

Nissan Ariya and LEAF

If you're in Iowa and eyeing some sweet deals on electric vehicles, the Nissan Ariya and LEAF should definitely be on your radar. The Nissan LEAF is a steal with a lease going for about $159 a month for 36 months, and you'll need to put down $3,808 at signing. It's a solid pick for dipping your toes into the electric vehicle world without breaking the bank. As for the Nissan Ariya, the specifics weren't laid out here, but hitting up this link might snag you some local dealer offers that are too good to pass up.

Luxury Models - Audi Q8 e-tron and BMW i4

Now, for those who like a bit more flash and comfort, the Audi Q8 e-tron and BMW i4 are where it's at. The Audi Q8 e-tron's lease kicks off at $571 a month for 36 months, with $5,965 needed upfront. Plus, there's a sweet $5,000 National Customer Credit Bonus to sweeten the deal. The BMW i4 isn't far behind, with a lease of $499 a month for 36 months and $4,599 due at signing. Both rides come with a 4.99% APR for up to 48 months, making them tempting picks for those wanting to blend luxury with eco-friendliness. Dive into more details at InsideEVs and Electrek.

Vehicle Model Monthly Payment Term Due at Signing APR Additional Offers
Nissan LEAF $159 36 $3,808 - -
Audi Q8 e-tron $571 36 $5,965 4.99% $5,000 Customer Credit
BMW i4 $499 36 $4,599 4.99% -

From the budget-friendly Nissan LEAF to the plush Audi Q8 e-tron and BMW i4, there's a range of electric vehicle lease offers to suit various tastes and wallets.

Upcoming Electric Vehicle Models and Deals

2023 and 2024 Model Year Highlights

Keeping an eye out for the latest models and deals is key if you're thinking about jumping into an electric vehicle in Iowa. The 2023 and 2024 model years are bringing some hot lease deals that could make the switch to electric sweeter than ever.

Take the 2024 Hyundai IONIQ 5, for example. It's offering a 0% APR on a 60-month loan, making it a standout choice for those after a mix of style, performance, and value. Then there's the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E, available with a 0% APR on a 72-month loan, perfect for those who want a bit more pep in their electric ride.

Here's a quick look at these deals:

Vehicle Model APR Rate Loan Duration
2024 Hyundai IONIQ 5 0% 60 months
2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E 0% 72 months

Both offers are prime opportunities to get into an electric vehicle with some pretty attractive terms. Whether the Hyundai IONIQ 5's futuristic vibes catch your eye or the Ford Mustang Mach-E's blend of performance and iconic style calls your name, these deals in Iowa are definitely worth a look.

Practical Considerations for Leasing Electric Vehicles

Cost of Charging and Maintenance

Annual Charging Costs vs. Gasoline

Switching to an electric vehicle (EV) in Iowa? Here's a sweet deal: charging an EV costs way less than fueling up with gasoline. Check this out:

Expense Type Annual Cost (Iowa)
Charging an EV $461
Gasoline $1,271

Thanks to a study by the Iowa Economic Development, we see that EV owners can save a bundle. If gas is $2.50 a gallon, the average Iowa driver is shelling out more than double for gas compared to what they'd spend on EV charging in a year. Want the nitty-gritty? Head over to CFU.

EV Charging Infrastructure in Iowa

Getting around Iowa in an EV is getting easier by the day, thanks to more charging stations popping up. While some spots let you charge for free, most have a pay-per-use setup. But hey, the convenience and growing number of locations, from shopping centers to office buildings, make driving an EV in Iowa a smart move. Dive deeper into EV charging info at TrueCar.

Electric Vehicle Performance and Features

Driving Range and Instant Torque

Thinking about an EV? The driving range and that zippy instant torque are big pluses. Take the Tesla Model 3, for instance, cruising up to 300 miles on a single charge, while the Nissan Leaf hits about 150 miles in its base model. That's a game-changer depending on how much you drive. Plus, the instant torque makes EVs a blast to drive, offering that quick, responsive feel.

Safety Ratings and Smart Car Technology

Safety's a big deal, right? Well, EVs are nailing it. Their design gives them an edge, with more room to absorb impacts and no bulky engine in the front. Plus, they're packed with the latest smart car tech, from advanced driving assistance to all kinds of connectivity features. Check out the TrueCar overview to see how EVs are leading the pack with top-notch safety and cool tech.


What are the monthly lease payments for the Hyundai IONIQ 6 and IONIQ 5 in Iowa?
The Hyundai IONIQ 6 is available for a monthly lease payment of $234, and the IONIQ 5 for $267. Both require $2,000 due at signing for a 36-month term.

How does the Kia EV6 lease offer compare to Hyundai's in Iowa?
The Kia EV6 lease offer in Iowa is $259 per month for 24 months, with a higher initial payment of $4,926, making it a competitive option with a shorter term compared to Hyundai's IONIQ models.

Are there any electric vehicle rebate programs available in Iowa?
Yes, the CFU Electric Vehicle Rebate and Charging Program offers a $50 electric vehicle community incentive for both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, along with up to $8 per month for charging during off-peak hours.

What are the benefits of leasing an electric vehicle in terms of federal and state incentives?
Leasing an electric vehicle can make you eligible for various tax credits and rebates, including the U.S. federal EV tax credit, which can lower your monthly payments. Additionally, incentives for installing home charging stations can reduce the overall cost of ownership.

What are the lease offers for luxury electric vehicles like the Audi Q8 e-tron and BMW i4 in Iowa?
The Audi Q8 e-tron is available for lease at $571 a month for 36 months with $5,965 due at signing, plus a $5,000 National Customer Credit Bonus. The BMW i4 can be leased for $499 a month for 36 months with $4,599 due at signing, both with a 4.99% APR for up to 48 months.

How does the cost of charging an electric vehicle in Iowa compare to gasoline?
Charging an electric vehicle in Iowa costs an average of $461 annually, significantly less than the $1,271 average annual cost of gasoline for the same distance, assuming gas is $2.50 a gallon.

What is the driving range of popular electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf?
The Tesla Model 3 can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge, while the base model of the Nissan Leaf has a range of about 150 miles.

Are electric vehicles safe and do they come with advanced technology?
Yes, electric vehicles often have better safety ratings due to their design, which includes more room to absorb impacts. They also come equipped with the latest smart car technology, including advanced driving assistance and connectivity features.