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2024 Honda Prologue Overview
Dealership Information and Services
Pricing, Features, and Reservation
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As the automotive world shifts towards a more sustainable future, the 2024 Honda Prologue stands out as a beacon of innovation and eco-friendly design. This comprehensive guide delves into the specifics of the Prologue, from its cutting-edge electric SUV features to the seamless lease-end options available for drivers. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a green warrior, the Prologue promises to cater to your needs while setting new standards in the electric vehicle (EV) market.


  • The 2024 Honda Prologue offers an impressive blend of electric SUV details, design elements, and interior comfort.
  • Learn about the range, charging options, and battery life that set the Prologue apart in the EV market.
  • Explore dealership services, including online shopping experiences and exclusive lease specials.
  • Discover reservation options and what to expect as your lease approaches its end.

The Prologue to a Greener Future: Honda's Environmental Endeavors

As the automotive industry accelerates towards a more sustainable horizon, the 2024 Honda Prologue emerges not just as an electric SUV, but as a testament to Honda's commitment to environmental stewardship. Honda's journey towards sustainability is marked by ambitious goals and innovative practices, particularly in the realms of production, battery sourcing, and end-of-life vehicle recycling.

Honda's strategic approach to reducing its environmental footprint is evident in its comprehensive sustainability measures. The company's dedication to achieving zero environmental impact by 2050, including net-zero CO2 emissions and the utilization of 100% sustainable/recyclable materials, places the Prologue at the forefront of eco-friendly automotive design. Honda's efforts extend beyond the vehicle itself, encompassing the entire lifecycle of the Prologue, from the sourcing of battery materials to the recycling of the vehicle at the end of its life.

"Honda's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through strategic partnerships for battery resource procurement and resource circulation, as well as plans for end-of-life recycling through partnerships with recycling businesses." -

Moreover, the integration of the Prologue with smart home technologies and renewable energy systems signifies a leap towards interconnected, sustainable living environments. The vehicle's compatibility with smart thermostats, lighting systems, and security cameras, alongside its potential to harmonize with solar panels and home battery storage, underscores Honda's vision of a holistic approach to eco-friendly living.

  • Sustainability Goals: Zero environmental impact by 2050, net-zero CO2 emissions.
  • Battery Sourcing: Strategic partnerships for sustainable procurement.
  • End-of-Life Recycling: Collaborations with recycling businesses for vehicle recycling.
  • Smart Home Integration: Compatibility with smart home technologies and renewable energy systems.

In essence, the Honda Prologue is not merely an electric SUV; it is a harbinger of a greener, more sustainable future. Through its environmental initiatives and integration with smart technologies, the Prologue exemplifies Honda's unwavering commitment to pioneering a sustainable path forward in the automotive industry.

2024 Honda Prologue Overview

Electric SUV Details and Features

As your lease with the Honda Prologue winds down, let's dive back into what makes this electric SUV stand out. The 2024 Honda Prologue, born from a collaboration with General Motors, is a mix of sleek design, spaciousness, and cutting-edge tech. It's setting the bar high for electric vehicles.

Model Details and Specifications

Sporting a modern yet rugged look, the Prologue comes with a panoramic roof and beefy 21-inch wheels, highlighting its dynamic nature. At its heart lies an 85.0-kWh battery pack, delivering around 300 miles of range for the single-motor setup and a bit less for the dual-motor variant, which makes up for it with faster acceleration. But it's not all about zip; the Prologue offers a roomy and plush interior, boasting over 136.9 cubic feet of space and an 11.3-inch Center Display that's the tech hub of the SUV.

For a deeper dive into the specs, check out Honda of Los Angeles.

As the end of your lease nears, thinking over these features might help you decide whether to renew, buy out your lease, or look into the latest models up for grabs. With its blend of pep, comfort, and green creds, the Prologue is definitely worth a second look.

Design Elements and Interior Comfort

Reflecting on the Prologue's design and interior comfort, it's clear these factors have likely played a big role in your driving experience. The 2024 model sports a fresh, modern design with a panoramic roof, large 21-inch wheels, and a distinctive front that nods to Honda's EV innovation. This design isn't just for looks; it enhances the drive, adding a touch of luxury and capability.

Inside, the Prologue is all about comfort and luxury, with a spacious cabin that melds premium materials with the latest tech. It's a calm, refined space for everyone on board, perfect for both long trips and daily errands. Honda's suite of safety features and advanced driver-assistance systems add an extra layer of confidence, keeping you and your passengers safe and sound.

As you mull over your lease's end, these design and comfort aspects could sway your decision on whether to stick with the Prologue or explore other options. Its mix of style, performance, and safety makes it a standout choice for anyone after a sophisticated electric SUV.

Electric SUV Charging and Battery Information

Range, Charging Options, and Battery Life

As your Honda Prologue lease wraps up, getting a handle on the SUV's charging and battery specs is key. The Prologue shines with a solid 300-mile range and flexible charging solutions, ensuring you're always good to go.

Here's the lowdown on charging:

Charging Level Description Additional Info
Level I 120-volt AC charging via a regular wall outlet. It's the slow poke of the bunch, but it's gentle on the battery.
Level II 240-volt AC charging, like what an electric dryer uses. Perfect for home setups; you'll be fully charged by morning.
Level III Public DC Fast-Charging The speed demon; pumps about 65 miles of range into your Prologue in just 10 minutes.

For home charging, a 220-volt outlet will have your Prologue ready to roll in about 5 or 6 hours, ideal for overnight charging. Plus, the battery's built to last the SUV's lifetime, with Honda backing the electrical bits, giving you one less thing to worry about. For more on charging and battery life, head over to Honda Santa Maria.

Whether you're eyeing a new lease or saying goodbye to your current Prologue, understanding these details ensures you're making the most of your electric SUV adventure.

Dealership Information and Services

As your Honda Prologue lease wraps up, you'll wanna know your options and where to head for a smooth transition. Two dealerships that really stand out for their top-notch services and customer support are Honda of Downtown Los Angeles and Muller Honda in Highland Park, IL. Both spots offer a bunch of services, but what they specifically provide for Honda Prologue lease endings and their contact deets might sway your decision.

Dealership Location Contact Information Notable Services
Honda of Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA (213) 205-3681 Lease return options, finance offers, test drives
Muller Honda Highland Park, IL Sales: (847) 831-4200 Service: (847) 831-4200 Lease return program, automotive technician hiring, customer reviews

Picking between these dealerships for your lease return or next steps with a Honda Prologue might boil down to where you're at, what specific services you're after, and the vibe each dealership gives off. Honda of Downtown Los Angeles is all about giving you a clear picture of lease and finance prices, perfect for those wanting to weigh their financial options. Muller Honda, on the flip side, is big on chatting directly with the dealer and offers a solid lease return program, which could be more up your alley if you're looking for that personal touch.

Online Shopping Experience

Easy-Peasy Online Reservations and Purchases

Looking to lease the Honda Prologue? The online reservation and purchase process is a breeze and pretty much the same vibe across different dealerships. Both Honda Santa Maria and Honda of Downtown Los Angeles offer a secure shopping experience that lets you create an account, save your fave vehicles, and get alerts on price changes. This way, you're always in the loop on the best deals and new offers.

Feature Honda Santa Maria Honda of Downtown Los Angeles
Online Reservation Easy account creation for saving vehicles and receiving alerts Quick and easy online reservation process for the Honda Prologue EV
Customer Support Tools and info for a smooth dealership visit Dedicated team to answer questions via phone or in-person
Special Offers Military appreciation and college grad leasing programs Info on new SUV offers and Honda lease return benefits

Both sites stress the importance of a secure shopping experience, with Honda Santa Maria making it super convenient to access saved cars on any device and get price alert emails. Meanwhile, Honda of Downtown Los Angeles makes securing a spot in the future of driving with the Honda Prologue EV a piece of cake, ensuring you have all the info and support you need.

As you think about the end of your Honda Prologue lease, checking out the available lease specials and financing deals is a smart move. Both Muller Honda and Honda of Los Angeles have a variety of options to fit different tastes and needs. Here's a quick rundown to help you sift through your choices:

Feature Muller Honda Honda of Los Angeles
Lease Specials Deals on models like the Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, and more. Specials on new Honda models including Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Prologue.
Finance Options Financing applications, Honda Military Appreciation Offer, Honda Graduate Program. Finance Department, Get Pre-Qualified, KBB Instant Cash Offer.
Service & Parts Specials Maintenance, oil changes, and more. Service & Parts Offers, Service & Parts Financing.
Additional Programs Honda Military Appreciation Offer, Honda Graduate Program. Lifetime Warranty, Vehicle Exchange Program.

Both dealerships dish out a wide range of services and specials, but your pick might hinge on specific offers like the Lifetime Warranty and Vehicle Exchange Program at Honda of Los Angeles, or the detailed lease specials and finance options at Muller Honda. Hitting up their websites or giving them a call is the best way to snag the most current deals and offers that could sway your lease-end decision.

Pricing, Features, and Reservation

2024 Honda Prologue Pricing and Features

Deciding what to do as your lease with the 2024 Honda Prologue winds down? Let's break down the pricing and features to help you make a smart choice. Here’s a side-by-side look:

Feature EX and Touring Models Elite Model
Pricing Expected to start between $45,000 and $50,000. Elite model will run you about $10K more. Car and Driver hints the Elite will tack on another $10K or so.
Safety Features Comes with automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control. Packs all the basics plus extras like blind-spot steering assist, rear cross-traffic braking, and rear pedestrian detection.
Charging Packages Pick from an 11.5-kW home charger or a 7.6-kW portable charging kit. Same choices, but with perks like a $100 public charging credit and a $500 install incentive. Snag a $750 public charging credit too.
Interior Features Rocks an 11.3-inch Center Display, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto as standard. Steps it up with a premium Bose stereo system and 12 speakers for top-notch tunes.
Design and Performance Sports a neo-rugged look with clean lines. Expected to turn heads. Exclusive North Shore Pearl Paint and ventilated front seats add that extra touch of class.

So, what's it gonna be? Sticking with the EX or Touring models keeps more cash in your pocket without skimping on the essentials. But if you're all about that luxury and tech, the Elite model's got your name on it. Either way, the 2024 Honda Prologue has got something for everyone.

Reservation and Lease End Options

How to Reserve and What to Do When Your Lease Ends

Alright, your lease on the Honda Prologue is almost up. What's next? You've got a few paths you can take:

  1. Return the Vehicle: Just bring it back to the dealership. Easy peasy. But hey, don't forget to get that pre-return inspection to dodge any surprise fees for wear and tear.

  2. Buy Your Leased Vehicle: Can't part with your Prologue? No problem. Chat with your dealership about buying it out right.

  3. Lease or Buy a New Honda: Got an eye on the latest models? Whether you're looking to lease again or buy, dealerships like Honda of Downtown Los Angeles are ready to hook you up with a sweet deal.

  4. Lease Return Center: Take advantage of services from places like Honda Santa Monica to make your lease return smooth sailing.

Just a heads up, it's a good idea to check out your lease agreement and have a chat with your dealership to get the lowdown on any fees or requirements for your lease-end options. Making a well-informed decision means you can cruise into your next vehicle hassle-free.

Additional Information

Updates and Electric Vehicle Market Context

The electric vehicle (EV) scene is buzzing, with the 2024 Honda Prologue leading the charge. Honda's smart play to hit Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) states first with the Prologue is a game-changer. It's not just about being eco-friendly; it's about tapping into where the demand's hot and where the incentives are juicy.

Teaming up with General Motors to rock the Ultium battery platform marks a big leap for Honda's EV game. Moving past the Clarity EV's range woes, the Prologue is set to duke it out in the American EV market with some serious muscle. And with the $7,500 Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credit in its corner, the Prologue's looking like a knockout deal (Car and Driver, Honda of Los Angeles).

As more EVs roll out, spotlighting tech-savvy models like the Prologue, backed by solid policies, is key to speeding up the shift to green wheels. Honda's strategy to start with ZEV states before going nationwide is a savvy move, navigating through the maze of regional demands and incentives like a pro (Inside EVs).

Dealership Offers and Services

Exclusive Offers for Honda Prologue Lessees

As your Honda Prologue lease winds down, you've got some sweet deals and services waiting for you. Dealerships like Muller Honda and Honda of Downtown Los Angeles are rolling out the red carpet with offers that'll make your head spin. Here's the lowdown:

Service/Offer Muller Honda Honda of Downtown Los Angeles
Lease Specials You bet Absolutely
Honda Incentives Yep Yep
Finance Department Pre-qualification party Pre-qualification plus KBB Instant Cash Offer
Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Stay tuned Ready to roll
Vehicle Exchange Program - You're covered
Service & Parts Offers - All set

Both spots have lease specials and Honda incentives to smooth the way for your next ride. Honda of Downtown Los Angeles adds a cherry on top with its Vehicle Exchange Program and a full menu of services and parts offers, giving you more wiggle room and peace of mind. Whether you're eyeing a new Honda Prologue or checking out certified pre-owned gems, these dealerships have got your back.


What is the range of the 2024 Honda Prologue?
The 2024 Honda Prologue offers around 300 miles of range for the single-motor setup. The dual-motor variant has a slightly lower range but compensates with faster acceleration.

What are the charging options for the Honda Prologue?
The Prologue supports Level I (120-volt AC), Level II (240-volt AC), and Level III DC Fast-Charging. A 220-volt outlet at home can fully charge the Prologue in about 5 or 6 hours, ideal for overnight charging.

What are the key design features of the 2024 Honda Prologue?
The Prologue features a modern and rugged design with a panoramic roof, large 21-inch wheels, and a distinctive front that highlights Honda's EV innovation. Inside, it boasts a spacious cabin with premium materials and an 11.3-inch Center Display.

What safety features does the 2024 Honda Prologue offer?
The Prologue comes equipped with automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. The Elite model adds extras like blind-spot steering assist, rear cross-traffic braking, and rear pedestrian detection.

How can I reserve a 2024 Honda Prologue?
You can easily reserve a Honda Prologue online through dealership websites like Honda Santa Maria and Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. These sites offer a secure shopping experience, allowing you to create an account, save your favorite vehicles, and receive alerts on price changes.

What should I do as my Honda Prologue lease ends?
As your lease ends, you have several options: return the vehicle to the dealership, buy your leased vehicle, lease or buy a new Honda, or utilize a lease return center for a smooth transition.

Are there any special offers for Honda Prologue lessees?
Yes, dealerships like Muller Honda and Honda of Downtown Los Angeles offer lease specials, Honda incentives, and various services to assist you in transitioning to your next vehicle or lease.

What is the expected pricing for the 2024 Honda Prologue?
The EX and Touring models of the Prologue are expected to start between $45,000 and $50,000. The Elite model will cost about $10,000 more, offering additional luxury and tech features.

Can I get a federal tax credit with the Honda Prologue?
Yes, the Prologue is eligible for the $7,500 Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credit, making it an even more attractive option for potential buyers.

What is Honda's strategy for rolling out the Prologue?
Honda plans to initially target Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) states with the Prologue before expanding nationwide. This strategy allows Honda to tap into markets with high demand and incentives for electric vehicles.