Honda Prologue Best Electric Lease Deals

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Honda Prologue Electric SUV Overview
Reservation and Lease Deals
Features and Technology
Performance, Efficiency, and Environmental Impact

As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to expand, the Honda Prologue emerges as a noteworthy contender, blending Honda's reliability with cutting-edge electric technology. This comprehensive guide delves into the best lease deals for the Honda Prologue, exploring its design, performance, and the unique features that set it apart in the competitive EV landscape. From dealership specials to federal incentives, we cover everything you need to know to secure the best deal on this exciting new electric SUV.


  • The Honda Prologue combines sleek design with impressive electric performance and range.
  • Special lease deals and incentives are available at select dealerships and through federal EV tax credits.
  • Cutting-edge technology and comfort features enhance the driving experience.
  • Honda's commitment to sustainability is evident in the Prologue's efficiency and environmental impact.

Smart Integration and Sustainability: The Honda Prologue's Forward-Thinking Design

The Honda Prologue stands out not just for its electric capabilities but also for its seamless integration with smart home systems, enhancing the user's lifestyle beyond the confines of traditional driving. With advanced infotainment and connectivity systems, the Prologue allows users to control their home devices—like lights, thermostats, and security systems—directly from their vehicle. This level of connectivity not only offers unparalleled convenience but also underscores Honda's commitment to innovative technology that extends into the realm of efficient energy management. By potentially working in tandem with smart home energy systems, the Prologue optimizes energy usage both on the road and at home, creating a symbiotic relationship between vehicle and living space.

In line with Honda's global environmental goals, the Prologue is a beacon of sustainable manufacturing practices. As part of Honda's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, the Prologue's production process likely incorporates eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient methods, possibly utilizing renewable energy sources. This approach not only reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing but also aligns with Honda's broader strategy of resource conservation and biodiversity preservation.

"With Google built-in, the Prologue ensures that drivers are always connected to the world around them, including their smart home devices." - Brickell Honda

The integration of the Prologue with smart home systems through features like voice control and app connectivity further exemplifies Honda's vision for a more interconnected and sustainable future. This integration enhances the user experience by providing a level of convenience and control that transcends traditional vehicle capabilities, making the Prologue not just a car, but a key component of a smart, sustainable lifestyle.

Honda Prologue Electric SUV Overview

Design and Aesthetics

The 2024 Honda Prologue isn't just another electric vehicle you can lease; its design and aesthetics set it apart. Honda's design team went for a "neo-rugged" vibe, mixing modern lines with nature-inspired elements. You'll notice this in the Prologue's sleek yet simple surfacing, its panoramic roof, and those eye-catching 21-inch wheels that give it a solid, ready-for-anything look. Inside, it's all about creating a calm and comfy space for everyone. The Prologue's design cleverly combines sleek looks with bold features, making it a standout in Honda's electrified vehicle lineup. For the nitty-gritty on the design philosophy, check out Honda of Los Angeles.

Feature Description
Design Direction Neo-rugged, a mix of modern and nature-inspired elements.
Exterior Highlights Panoramic roof, 21-inch wheels, and clean lines.
Interior Atmosphere All about refinement and serenity, ensuring comfort for everyone.
Aesthetic Appeal A perfect marriage of sleek and bold for a striking look.

The 2024 Honda Prologue's design isn't just about looking good; it's about blending functionality with style, making it a top pick for anyone looking to lease an electric SUV that's as stylish as it is powerful.

Electric SUV Market Position

The 2024 Honda Prologue is making waves in the electric SUV market, not just because of its killer design and performance but also thanks to some sweet lease deals. With the EV market heating up, the Prologue shines bright, partly because it's eligible for the $7,500 Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credit, thanks to its Ultium electric powertrain tech partnership with General Motors. This perk really ups its game against the competition.

Packing an 85.0-kWh battery from General Motors, the Prologue promises solid performance and range. It's a beast with its 288 hp and 333 lb-ft of torque for the all-wheel-drive model, hitting a top speed of 130 mph. This SUV is all about blending Honda's reputation for durable, family-friendly vehicles with the latest in electric tech.

For more deets on the 2024 Honda Prologue and its lease deals, head over to Honda of Los Angeles.

When it comes to choosing your next electric vehicle lease, the Prologue's blend of power and efficiency is hard to beat. Here's a quick rundown of what this electric SUV brings to the table:

Specification Value
Motor Electric
Horsepower 212 - 288 hp
Electric Range 273 - 296 miles
Cargo Capacity 23.7 - 25.2 ft³
Battery Warranty 8 years / 100k miles
Battery Capacity 85.0 kWh
EPA EV Equivalent Combined Fuel Economy (MPGe) 92 - 99 MPGe

For the full scoop on specs, check out TrueCar.

With a range of 273 to 296 miles on a single charge, the Prologue is perfect for both city drives and longer journeys. Plus, with horsepower options up to 288 hp, you won't have to sacrifice zip for efficiency. The spacious cargo area and solid battery warranty add to the Prologue's appeal as a reliable and practical choice.


Trims and Features

Looking for the best electric lease deals? The Honda Prologue stands out with its variety of trims and features, catering to different tastes and needs. Here's a quick comparison:

Feature Prologue Elite Dual Motor (AWD) Prologue EX
EPA Range Rating 273 Miles (Honda of Los Angeles) -
EPA MPGe Ratings 99/84/92 (City/Hwy/Combined) (Honda of Los Angeles) -
Wheels 21-Inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels (Honda of Los Angeles) -
Seats Heated and Ventilated Front Seats (Honda of Los Angeles) Heated Front Seats (Saratoga Honda)
Special Paint Exclusive North Shore Pearl Paint (Honda of Los Angeles) -
Touchscreen Display - 11.3-inch Touchscreen Display (Saratoga Honda)
Audio System - Bose® Premium 12-speaker Audio System (Saratoga Honda)
Interior - Leather-trimmed (Saratoga Honda)

The Prologue Elite Dual Motor (AWD) trim is your go-to for top-notch performance and luxury features like heated and ventilated seats, exclusive paint, and great EPA ratings. If tech and comfort are more your thing, the Prologue EX has got you covered with its large touchscreen and premium audio system, not to mention cozy heated front seats and a leather-trimmed interior.

Picking the right trim comes down to what matters most to you, be it performance, comfort, tech, or a bit of everything.

Reservation and Lease Deals

Dealership Offers and Specials

Honda of Downtown Los Angeles

Looking to lease the 2024 Honda Prologue in the Los Angeles area? You gotta check out Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. They're sitting pretty with a 4.5 Google rating from over 5,000 reviews, so you know they're doing something right. They're not just bragging about having the best prices in California for nothing – they've got a huge selection and their service center hours (6 am to 7 pm) are super convenient. Swing by 780 West Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90037, or give them a ring at (213) 205-3681 to get the scoop on their Honda Prologue lease deals and finance offers.

Competitive EV Deals and Incentives

Federal EV Tax Credits and Incentives

Leasing an electric vehicle (EV) like the 2024 Honda Prologue? Then you'll wanna hear about the federal EV tax credits and incentives. The Prologue might just snag you a $7,500 Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credit, all thanks to its Ultium electric powertrain tech partnership with General Motors. This makes the Prologue a steal in the EV market.

And here's the kicker: when you lease an EV, the tax credit chops down your monthly payments right off the bat. No need to sweat over your tax situation to see some savings. This is a game-changer if you're looking to lease since it makes everything way easier and saves you money upfront.

Keep in mind, the EV incentive game is always changing. For instance, there's a new $4,000 point-of-sale federal incentive for used EVs on the table, opening up even more options for potential lessees and buyers. Staying in the loop with these updates is key to snagging the best deal on an EV lease.

Features and Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology and Connectivity

Infotainment and Sound System

The 2024 Honda Prologue packs a punch with its tech features, especially when you dive into the infotainment and sound system. Rocking a standard 11.3-inch touchscreen that's buddies with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you're all set no matter what phone you're glued to. And for the audiophiles? The Prologue's got a Bose® audio system that's basically a concert hall on wheels. This mix of top-notch connectivity and killer sound makes the Prologue a dream for anyone who's all about that tech life. Check out more at Honda of Los Angeles and Saratoga Honda.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

Let's talk safety because, let's face it, that's huge. The 2024 Honda Prologue is like a guardian angel with its bundle of driver-assist and safety features. We're talking about the works here: frontal-collision mitigation, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. It's like having an extra set of eyes on the road, giving you and your crew that extra layer of security. Dive into the nitty-gritty at TrueCar for the full scoop.

Comfort and Interior Amenities

Seating and Climate Control

Now, onto the comfort zone. The Prologue is all about keeping you cozy with its dual-zone automatic climate control and heated front seats. Whether it's blazing hot or freezing cold outside, you're in your own little bubble of perfect temp. Want the deets? Hit up Honda of Los Angeles.

Interior Space and Storage Solutions

But hey, it's not just about staying comfy. The Prologue also brings it with loads of room and smart storage solutions. We're talking over 136.9 cubic feet of space, so you've got room to stretch and stash all your stuff. Whether you're packing for a road trip or hauling the family around, the Prologue's got your back. For a closer look at what this ride can pack, check out Honda of Los Angeles.

Performance, Efficiency, and Environmental Impact

Electric Powertrain and Battery Life

Charging Solutions and Range

The Honda Prologue is all about keeping you on the move with minimal fuss. Thanks to DC Fast Charging, a quick 10-minute charge boosts your range by about 65 miles, as per Honda's official site. This means less time waiting around and more time hitting the road. With a solid battery capacity of 85.0 kWh across the board, you're looking at a range of 273 to 296 miles. That's enough to make range anxiety a thing of the past, according to TrueCar.

Horsepower and Torque

Performance-wise, the Honda Prologue packs a punch. You're getting anywhere from 212 to 288 hp, catering to both the power-hungry and the efficiency-focused drivers. Torque isn't left behind either, with the base model kicking out 236 lb-ft and another variant cranking it up to 333 lb-ft. This info comes straight from Curry Honda Chamblee. So, whether you're after efficiency or a bit of zip, the Prologue has got you covered.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

MPGe Ratings and Comparison

Let's talk about how the Honda Prologue stacks up in terms of fuel efficiency and its green credentials. Here's a quick look at its MPGe ratings:

Driving Condition MPGe Rating
City 107 MPGe*
Highway 91 MPGe*
Combined 99 MPGe*

These figures, courtesy of TrueCar and Honda of Los Angeles, show that the Prologue is a champ in the city with a 107 MPGe rating. It's a solid choice for those looking to do their bit for the planet while navigating urban jungles.

Honda's Commitment to Sustainability

Honda's not just talking the talk when it comes to sustainability; they're walking the walk with the Prologue. Its impressive MPGe ratings mean fewer emissions and a happier planet. Plus, with its hefty horsepower and torque, you're not sacrificing fun for green creds. Honda's dedication to blending eco-friendliness with performance is clear, making the Prologue a standout in the electric vehicle game. For more on Honda's green efforts, check out Honda of Los Angeles.


What design philosophy does the 2024 Honda Prologue follow?
The 2024 Honda Prologue adopts a "neo-rugged" design philosophy, blending modern lines with nature-inspired elements to create a sleek yet bold aesthetic.

What are the key features of the 2024 Honda Prologue's exterior and interior design?
Exterior highlights include a panoramic roof and 21-inch wheels, while the interior focuses on refinement and serenity with a spacious and comfortable environment for passengers.

Is the 2024 Honda Prologue eligible for any federal tax credits?
Yes, the Prologue is eligible for a $7,500 Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credit, thanks to its Ultium electric powertrain technology partnership with General Motors.

What is the electric range of the 2024 Honda Prologue?
The Prologue offers an electric range of 273 to 296 miles on a single charge, depending on the model and driving conditions.

What are the differences between the Prologue Elite Dual Motor (AWD) and Prologue EX trims?
The Prologue Elite Dual Motor (AWD) trim features heated and ventilated front seats, exclusive paint options, and 21-inch wheels, while the Prologue EX trim includes an 11.3-inch touchscreen display, Bose® Premium 12-speaker audio system, and leather-trimmed interiors.

How does the federal EV tax credit affect leasing the 2024 Honda Prologue?
When leasing, the $7,500 federal EV tax credit is applied directly to reduce monthly payments, offering immediate savings without the need to navigate tax filings.

What technology and connectivity features does the 2024 Honda Prologue offer?
The Prologue is equipped with an 11.3-inch touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a Bose® audio system for an enhanced infotainment experience.

What safety and driver assistance features are included in the 2024 Honda Prologue?
Safety features include frontal-collision mitigation, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert.

How does the Honda Prologue perform in terms of horsepower and torque?
The Prologue offers a range of 212 to 288 horsepower and 236 to 333 lb-ft of torque, depending on the model, ensuring both efficiency and power.

What is Honda's commitment to sustainability with the Prologue?
Honda aims to blend eco-friendliness with performance in the Prologue, as evidenced by its impressive MPGe ratings and electric powertrain, highlighting the company's dedication to reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.