Cadillac Lyriq Best Electric Lease Deals

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Overview of Cadillac Lyriq Offers
Model Updates and Range Details
Financing and Pricing Insights
Additional Incentives and Credits

As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, Cadillac steps into the spotlight with its Lyriq model, offering a blend of luxury and sustainability. This article delves into the best lease deals available for the Cadillac Lyriq, providing a comprehensive overview of current offers, model updates, financing insights, and additional incentives. Whether you're a seasoned EV enthusiast or considering your first electric vehicle, understanding the specifics of these deals can significantly impact your decision-making process.


  • Explore the latest Cadillac Lyriq lease offers, including pricing and discounts.
  • Discover the 2024 model updates and range details for an informed choice.
  • Gain insights into financing, pricing, and the benefits of leasing a luxury electric vehicle.
  • Learn about federal and manufacturer incentives that could further sweeten the deal.

Cadillac LYRIQ: A Sustainable Luxury Choice

When considering the Cadillac LYRIQ, potential owners are not just looking at a luxury electric vehicle (EV); they're exploring a model that represents Cadillac's commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Unlike traditional luxury gasoline vehicles, the LYRIQ and its electric counterparts promise a future where driving pleasure meets eco-consciousness.

Cadillac's dedication to an all-electric lineup by the end of the decade underscores its efforts to minimize carbon footprints. The LYRIQ, with its Ultium Battery Platform, is at the forefront of this transformation. This commitment is not just about the vehicles but extends to Cadillac's manufacturing processes, aiming for a holistic approach to sustainability.

"By the end of the decade, every new Cadillac model introduced in the U.S. will be all-electric." - Cadillac's Sustainability Goals

In terms of long-term ownership costs, the LYRIQ is expected to offer significant savings compared to traditional luxury gasoline vehicles. Electric vehicles, in general, benefit from lower maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts and the absence of oil changes. While insurance costs can vary, the potential for battery technology improvements could reduce future replacement costs, making the LYRIQ an economically wise choice in the long run.

Comparing the LYRIQ to other luxury electric vehicles on the market, Cadillac's emphasis on sustainability measures, such as energy efficiency and the use of recyclable materials, positions the LYRIQ as a competitive option for eco-conscious consumers. Its design and technology not only aim to reduce emissions but also to lead in the luxury electric vehicle segment with innovative sustainability practices.

Understanding these aspects can significantly influence the decision-making process for those considering the Cadillac LYRIQ or any luxury electric vehicle, highlighting the importance of sustainability alongside luxury and performance.

Overview of Cadillac Lyriq Offers

General Cadillac Offers

Cadillac Current Offers Overview

Diving into Cadillac's current offers, especially if you're eyeing an electric vehicle like the Cadillac LYRIQ, you'll find a bunch of deals waiting for you. Over at Cadillac's official site, they lay out all the sweet deals you can snag - whether you're looking to lease, finance, or just straight-up buy. They've got everything from SUVs and sedans to their electric gems like the LYRIQ. If you're all about that electric luxury life, the LYRIQ is a showstopper with its top-notch features and sleek design. To catch the latest promos, head over to Cadillac's current offers.

Cadillac Lease Offers Overview

Thinking about leasing a Cadillac, especially the LYRIQ? It's a solid move if you're after electric luxury without tying the knot with a full purchase. On average, leasing a 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ will set you back about $979/mo, according to TrueCar. This includes cool perks like Pedestrian Detection, Wireless Charging, and a Panoramic Moonroof. This deal is a testament to the LYRIQ's premium vibe and Cadillac's luxury status in the EV world. Plus, there's a cherry on top with incentives like a Clean Vehicle Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500, thanks to GM Financial. This makes the deal even sweeter. For the nitty-gritty on leasing the LYRIQ, check out TrueCar's Cadillac LYRIQ lease page.

Cadillac Lyriq Specific Deals

Pricing and Lease Deals

Eyeing the Cadillac Lyriq? You'll wanna scope out the lease deals to find your perfect match. As of February 2024, you're looking at an average lease payment of about $979 per month for the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq. But, deals vary, like one for the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Technology model going for $889 per month for 36 months, with $4,959 due upfront, expiring on 2/29/2024 (TrueCar, CarsDirect).

Lease Discounts and Tax Credits

The Cadillac Lyriq just got a whole lot more tempting with a $7,500 federal tax credit making a comeback as of February 2024. This tax break had dipped out for a bit due to some compliance hiccups but is now back in the game. Cadillac didn't stop there; they threw in a $7,500 lease discount, making the Lyriq a no-brainer for those looking to jump into an electric ride. Just a heads-up, chatting with a tax pro is a smart move to make sure you can snag the full tax credit (CarsDirect, Carscoops).

Model Updates and Range Details

2024 Cadillac Lyriq Updates

What's New and What to Expect

So, the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq got a bit of a tweak, especially when we're talking about how far you can push it on a single charge. For those eyeing the rear-wheel drive (RWD) model, you're looking at a range of 308 miles now, which is a tiny dip from the previous 312 miles. Not a deal-breaker, but worth noting. On the flip side, the all-wheel drive (AWD) version is hanging tight with a range of 307 miles. Seems like Cadillac's been busy fine-tuning the Lyriq to squeeze out every bit of performance and efficiency they can.

And hey, there's more to choose from this time around. The 2024 Lyriq rolls out in three flavors: Tech, Luxury, and Sport. Whether you're all about the latest gadgets, cruising in comfort, or you've got a need for a bit more zip, there's something in there for you. If you're curious for more deets, check out the full scoop over at Carscoops.

If you're mulling over leasing the 2024 Lyriq, these updates are definitely something to chew on. They're not just numbers on a page; they're about how much you'll enjoy the ride and what you're getting for your buck.

Financing and Pricing Insights

Cadillac Lyriq Pricing and Trim Options

Diving into the Cadillac Lyriq, you'll find that prices kick off at $58,590 and can climb to $74,590, all depending on the trim and extras you pick. For a deep dive into the various trims and what they pack, TrueCar and CarsDirect are your go-to spots for the nitty-gritty.

Vehicle Pricing and Financing Details

Now, if you're eyeing financing or leasing the Lyriq, the nitty-gritty can really sway your monthly budget. Leasing, for example, might run you about $979/mo with $2,000 upfront for a 36-month stretch, rocking a 12,000 mile-a-year limit, courtesy of TrueCar's scoop. But remember, these numbers can wiggle around based on lease length, miles, and your down payment. Here's a quick look at how lease terms stack up:

Lease Term Monthly Payment Mileage Limit
24 months $1,177/mo 12,000 miles
36 months $979/mo 12,000 miles
48 months $949/mo 12,000 miles

For the buy-curious, CarsDirect talks about a typical price before the taxman and other fees get their hands on it, assuming a 55% residual value and about 10,000 miles a year. And yep, those manufacturer deals and lease specials can flip on a dime, so keeping an ear to the ground is key.

Luxury Electric Vehicle Lease Options

Leasing a swanky electric ride like the Cadillac LYRIQ means sifting through lease terms and incentives to snag the best deal. With the LYRIQ, you're looking at an average lease of $979/mo with $2,000 down for a 36-month term, capped at 12,000 miles a year. Fancy a shorter term? A 24-month lease bumps the monthly rate to $1,177, while stretching it to 48 months drops it to $949. Plus, there's a sweet $7,500 lease discount recently spotted, making the LYRIQ a tad more tempting (TrueCar, Carscoops).

Here's a quick lease comparison:

Term Length Monthly Payment Due at Signing
24 months $1,177/mo $2,000
36 months $979/mo $2,000
48 months $949/mo $2,000

Choosing the right lease boils down to your lifestyle, how long you plan to keep the car, and your driving habits. Always weigh the total lease cost, including any upfront payment, monthly installments, and what happens when the lease is up.

Additional Incentives and Credits

Federal and Manufacturer Incentives

Lease Discounts and Tax Credits

If you're eyeing the Cadillac LYRIQ for your next lease, you're in for some good news. As of February 2024, snagging a LYRIQ gets sweeter thanks to a $7,500 federal tax credit that's back in action (CarsDirect). This perk had taken a brief hiatus but is now making a comeback, making the LYRIQ an even more tempting pick.

Cadillac didn't just sit back when the federal credit was on pause. They rolled out a $7,500 purchase incentive dubbed the Ultium Promise Bonus, showing they're all in on getting you into a LYRIQ, whether you're buying or leasing.

Speaking of leasing, there's a hefty $7,500 lease discount on the table right now (Carscoops). This move not only puts the LYRIQ neck and neck with its EV competitors but also drops those monthly payments, making it a no-brainer for anyone considering an electric ride.

Keep in mind, though, these deals can change, and whether you qualify can depend on a bunch of different things. It's a smart move to chat with a tax pro and keep an eye on the latest from Cadillac and the feds to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. With the federal tax credits, Cadillac's Ultium Promise Bonus, and lease discounts all in the mix, the Cadillac LYRIQ is looking like a hot ticket in the EV lease market.


What is the average lease payment for a 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ?
The average lease payment for a 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ is about $979 per month. This figure can vary based on the lease term, mileage limit, and any upfront payments.

Can I get a federal tax credit if I lease the Cadillac LYRIQ?
Yes, as of February 2024, lessees of the Cadillac LYRIQ can benefit from a $7,500 federal tax credit. However, it's advisable to consult with a tax professional to ensure eligibility for the full credit.

What are the range estimates for the 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ models?
The 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ RWD model has an estimated range of 308 miles, while the AWD version is estimated to have a range of 307 miles.

Are there any specific trim levels available for the 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ?
Yes, the 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ is available in three trim levels: Tech, Luxury, and Sport, catering to different preferences for technology, comfort, and performance.

What is the starting price for the Cadillac LYRIQ?
The starting price for the Cadillac LYRIQ is $58,590, with prices going up to $74,590 depending on the chosen trim and additional features.

Is there a lease discount available for the Cadillac LYRIQ?
Yes, there is a $7,500 lease discount available for the Cadillac LYRIQ as of February 2024, making it an attractive option for those considering leasing an electric vehicle.

How does the lease term affect the monthly payment for the Cadillac LYRIQ?
The lease term significantly affects the monthly payment; for example, a 24-month lease has a higher monthly payment of $1,177, while extending the lease to 48 months reduces the monthly payment to $949.

What should I consider when choosing a lease term for the Cadillac LYRIQ?
When choosing a lease term for the Cadillac LYRIQ, consider your lifestyle, how long you plan to keep the car, driving habits, and the total lease cost, including any upfront payments and monthly installments.

Are there any additional incentives for leasing or buying the Cadillac LYRIQ?
In addition to the federal tax credit and lease discount, Cadillac offers a $7,500 purchase incentive called the Ultium Promise Bonus, aimed at encouraging both leasing and buying the LYRIQ.

How can I find the latest offers and deals for the Cadillac LYRIQ?
The latest offers and deals for the Cadillac LYRIQ can be found on Cadillac's official website and reputable car pricing and information sites like TrueCar and CarsDirect. It's also recommended to keep an eye on Cadillac's announcements for any new incentives or changes to existing ones.