BMW i5 Two Year 24 Month Lease

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Understanding BMW i5 Lease Offers
Car Leasing Fundamentals
BMW i5 Model Insights and Comparisons
Incentives and Promotions

Embarking on the journey of leasing a BMW i5 for two years brings with it a plethora of considerations, from understanding the nuances of lease offers to navigating the fundamentals of car leasing. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process, offering insights into the BMW i5's features, lease options, and how they stack up against competitors. Whether you're intrigued by the financial aspects or the vehicle's specifications, this article serves as your roadmap to making an informed decision.


  • Explore the intricacies of BMW i5 Sedan lease offers for 2024, including monthly payments and terms.
  • Delve into the basics of car leasing, including how vehicle price impacts lease cost.
  • Gain insights into the BMW i5's features and how it compares to its competitors.
  • Discover the latest BMW incentive offers for 2024 models, including military and loyalty incentives.

Embracing Efficiency and Sustainability with the BMW i5 Lease

Leasing the BMW i5 not only positions you at the forefront of automotive innovation but also aligns your driving experience with ecological responsibility and financial prudence. The i5's electric heart beats with zero tailpipe emissions, a stark contrast to the environmental footprint of traditional gasoline-powered luxury vehicles. This shift towards electric power is not just a nod to sustainability but also opens the door to significant tax benefits. The federal Clean Vehicle Credit, for instance, can reduce your tax bill by $3,750 to $7,500, making the i5 an attractive proposition for the eco-conscious lessee (source).

Beyond the immediate environmental and financial incentives, the BMW i5's advanced technology suite promises to redefine your driving experience. The vehicle's autonomous driving capabilities, such as the Highway Assistant, and smart charging options, including predictive heat management for efficient DC fast-charging, ensure that every journey is not just a ride but an experience in cutting-edge mobility. These features not only enhance driving pleasure but also contribute to lower energy consumption and, by extension, reduced leasing costs through improved efficiency.

  • Environmental Impact: Zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Financial Incentives: Potential for significant tax benefits through the federal Clean Vehicle Credit, alongside savings on fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Advanced Technology: Autonomous driving capabilities and smart charging options enhance the driving experience while optimizing energy use and reducing costs.

By choosing to lease the BMW i5, you're not just getting behind the wheel of a luxury electric vehicle; you're embracing a future where efficiency, sustainability, and advanced technology drive every mile of your journey.

Understanding BMW i5 Lease Offers

Overview of BMW i5 Sedan Lease Offers for 2024

Monthly Payments and Terms

Looking into leasing a BMW i5 Sedan? You've got options. For a quick two-year commitment, monthly payments sit around $989. If stretching things out over three years is more your speed, you're looking at about $784 a month. It's all about what fits your budget and how long you want to be tied to a lease.

Cash Due at Signing

Upfront costs can be a deal-maker or breaker. For a 24-month lease, you're throwing down roughly $2,000 at the start. Opt for a 36-month lease, and that initial hit jumps to $7,709 for the BMW i5 M lease. This chunk of change covers your first month, a bit off the car's price (capitalized cost reduction), and some other fees that depend on where you're getting your lease.

Lease End Purchase Options

When the lease is up, you might not want to give up your ride. If that's the case, you can buy it. The price to make it yours will depend on the car's original sticker price, your lease agreement, and any extra fees. For instance, one deal might let you buy it at the end for $36,991 plus any additional fees mentioned in your contract. If you're leaning towards owning, this could be a smart move.

Special Lease Offers and Financing Details

Financing APR Offers

Financing the 2024 BMW i5? There's a sweet 2.99% APR deal for 24, 36, or 39 months that strikes a nice balance between a low rate and not being locked in for too long. Need more time? There's a 6.49% APR option for 60 months. It's a bit pricier interest-wise but spreads the payments out more.

Cash Back Offers

Who doesn't love instant savings? There's a $4,000 cash back offer that's pretty tempting, slashing the price right off the bat. And if you're coming from another brand, snag an extra $1,000 off with the conquest offer. It's all about stacking those savings.

So, whether you're all about keeping those monthly payments low, minimizing long-term costs, or getting a hefty discount upfront, BMW's got a deal that'll fit your bill.

Car Leasing Fundamentals

Basics of Car Leasing

Leasing a car, like the 2024 BMW i5, is pretty much like renting it long-term. You pay a monthly fee to drive the car for a set time and mileage. When the lease is up, you hand back the keys. It's a sweet deal if you're into driving a shiny new car without the full cost of buying one.

For a luxury electric ride like the BMW i5, lease terms can shake out differently. Opting for a 24-month lease means less time committed, but your monthly payments will be higher than with a 36-month lease. Here's a quick look at what you might pay for the BMW i5, depending on how long you lease it and how much you drive:

Term Length Annual Mileage Monthly Payment Due at Signing
24 months 10,000 miles $961/mo $2,000
24 months 12,000 miles $989/mo $2,000
24 months 15,000 miles $1,045/mo $2,000
36 months 10,000 miles $766/mo $2,000
36 months 12,000 miles $784/mo $2,000
36 months 15,000 miles $820/mo $2,000

Picking the right lease boils down to how much you drive and what you can afford. Shorter leases with higher payments might work if you're okay with spending more for less commitment. But if you're looking to save some cash each month and don't mind a longer lease, then a 36-month term could be your best bet. Just remember to factor in all the costs, including any upfront fees.

Lease Negotiation and Cost Calculation

How the Car's Price Affects Your Lease

When you're haggling over a lease for the BMW i5, the sticker price plays a big role in what you'll pay each month. Snagging a lower adjusted capitalized cost can make your monthly payments more manageable. For example, leasing deals from BMW of Beverly Hills and Atlanta BMW show a monthly payment of $929 for 36 months, based on an adjusted capitalized cost of $71,290, with the car's MSRP at $86,545. This goes to show, a higher MSRP can bump up your lease payments unless you talk them down or snag some incentives.

Money Factor and Interest Rate

The money factor, or the lease's interest rate, also affects your lease cost. Even though the exact rates aren't always spelled out, getting a lower money factor can save you a bunch over the lease term. Different dealerships might offer different rates, so it pays to shop around or try to negotiate a better deal.

Residual Value and Depreciation

For a 24-month lease on the BMW i5, it's key to understand how residual value and depreciation play into your payments. The residual value is the car's expected worth at lease end, and depreciation is how much value it loses over time. These factors are big drivers behind your monthly payments.

Here's how the monthly payments break down for different lease terms and mileages, showing how depreciation affects what you pay:

Term Length Annual Mileage Monthly Payment
24 months 10,000 miles $961/mo
24 months 12,000 miles $989/mo
24 months 15,000 miles $1,045/mo

The gist is, the more you drive, the more you pay each month because the car's expected to lose value faster. If you're cool with higher monthly payments and want to switch cars in a couple of years, a 24-month lease could be right up your alley. But it's all about what works for you—how much you drive and how long you want to keep the car.

BMW i5 Model Insights and Comparisons

Let's dive into the BMW i5 lease options and see what's cooking. If you're eyeing a 24-month lease, you're looking at about $989 a month with a cap of 12,000 miles a year. Not too shabby, but if you stretch that to a 36-month term, the monthly cost drops to $784 for the same mileage. Here's a quick breakdown to make it easier to digest:

Term Length Monthly Payment Annual Mileage
24 months $989 12,000 miles
36 months $784 12,000 miles

Deciding between the two? It boils down to how you roll. If you like switching things up and driving a new ride every couple of years, the 24-month term might be your jam, despite the higher monthly payment. But if you're all about stretching your dollars and don't mind sticking with the same car a bit longer, the 36-month lease could be the way to go. For the nitty-gritty on BMW i5 lease options, hit up TrueCar.

Lease Options Comparison

BMW i5 vs. The Competition

Alright, let's pit the BMW i5 against some of its ritzy electric rivals, like the Porsche Taycan and the Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan. Here's how they stack up in the lease game:

Vehicle 24-Month Lease Payment 36-Month Lease Payment Starting MSRP Mileage Limit
BMW i5 $989/mo for 12,000 miles/year (TrueCar) $784/mo for 12,000 miles/year (TrueCar) $67,795 10,000 - 18,000 miles/year
Porsche Taycan - $1,568/mo (TrueCar) $92,550 -
Mercedes-Benz EQE - $1,067/mo (TrueCar) $76,050 -

The BMW i5 is throwing some serious punches with its lease deals, especially for those looking at a 36-month term. It's a sweet spot for folks wanting to dip their toes into luxury electric driving without diving wallet-first into a purchase. While the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan might be aiming for the higher end of the market with their steeper MSRPs and lease payments, the i5 brings a mix of luxury and value that's hard to beat. It's all about finding the right fit for your lifestyle and your wallet.

Incentives and Promotions

BMW Incentive Offers for 2024 Models

Looking to lease a new 2024 BMW i5? You'll want to check out the sweet lease and finance options BMW's got on the table for their 2024 lineup, including the BMW i5. Let's dive into the lease offers for both the standard BMW i5 and the BMW i5 M model, courtesy of BMW of Beverly Hills and Atlanta BMW:

Offer Details BMW i5 Standard BMW i5 M
Monthly Payment $699 $929
Lease Term 36 months 36 months
Due at Signing $6,559 $7,709
Offer Validity Mar 01, 2024 - Apr 01, 2024 Mar 01, 2024 - Apr 01, 2024
Source BMW of Beverly Hills BMW of Beverly Hills

These deals are up for grabs through BMW Financial Services NA, LLC for folks who meet their credit requirements. Just a heads up, these offers aren't up for grabs in Puerto Rico. And if you're thinking about financing, BMW's throwing in a 2.99% APR for 24 to 60 months, and a 3.49% APR for 72 months on several models, including the BMW i5.

Before you jump in, make sure to chat with an authorized BMW Center to get the lowdown on all the details and any extra fees that might pop up. These incentive offers are a killer way to get behind the wheel of a BMW i5 without breaking the bank.

Military and Loyalty Incentive Offers

Got your eye on the 2024 BMW i5? Don't miss out on special incentive offers, especially if you're in the military or already part of the BMW fam. BMW's got some special deals that could sweeten the deal for you.

Military Incentive Offers

Shoutout to our military members! BMW's got your back with some exclusive incentives. Just bring your photo ID, BMW Manufacturer Certificate with your unique Customer ID, and Offer Code to snag these deals. Remember, it's a one-time deal per customer, per offer code, each year for new BMW vehicles. Swing by an authorized BMW Center for all the nitty-gritty details.

Loyalty Incentive Offers

Already riding with BMW? There's a special BMW Loyalty Lease/APR Credit waiting for you. This is for the BMW veterans looking to lease or finance a new, eligible 2023-2024 BMW model, including the BMW i5. You could get $1,500 cash back on select models for a limited time. Just make sure your deal goes through BMW Financial Services.

Whether you're serving our country or a loyal BMW enthusiast, these incentives are BMW's way of saying thanks and making your next lease a bit more wallet-friendly.


What are the monthly payments for a 24-month vs. a 36-month lease on the BMW i5?
For a 24-month lease, monthly payments are approximately $989, while a 36-month lease has lower monthly payments of about $784.

How much is due at signing for a BMW i5 lease?
For a 24-month lease, you're looking at around $2,000 due at signing. Opting for a 36-month lease, the initial payment jumps to $7,709 for the BMW i5 M lease.

Can I buy the BMW i5 at the end of my lease?
Yes, you have the option to purchase your BMW i5 at the end of the lease. The buyout price will depend on the car's original sticker price, your lease agreement, and any additional fees outlined in your contract.

Are there any special financing offers available for the BMW i5?
Yes, there's a 2.99% APR deal available for 24, 36, or 39 months. For those needing more time, a 6.49% APR option for 60 months is also available.

Is there a cash back offer for the BMW i5?
Yes, there's a $4,000 cash back offer available, with an additional $1,000 off for those coming from another brand through the conquest offer.

How does the BMW i5 compare to its competitors in terms of lease payments?
The BMW i5 offers competitive lease payments, with a 36-month lease payment of $784 for 12,000 miles/year. This is more affordable compared to the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan, which have higher lease payments for similar terms.

What are the military and loyalty incentive offers for the BMW i5?
Military members can access exclusive incentives with proper identification, while existing BMW customers can benefit from a BMW Loyalty Lease/APR Credit, offering $1,500 cash back on select models, including the BMW i5, for a limited time.

How does the car's price affect my lease payments for the BMW i5?
The sticker price of the BMW i5 plays a significant role in determining your monthly lease payments. Negotiating a lower adjusted capitalized cost can lead to more manageable monthly payments.

What is the money factor, and how does it affect my BMW i5 lease cost?
The money factor is essentially the lease's interest rate. Securing a lower money factor can significantly reduce the overall cost of your lease. Rates may vary between dealerships, so it's worth shopping around or negotiating.

How do residual value and depreciation affect my lease payments?
The residual value is the car's expected worth at the end of the lease, while depreciation is the loss of value over time. Higher annual mileage will increase monthly payments due to faster depreciation. Understanding these factors can help you choose the right lease term and mileage limit to fit your budget and driving needs.