BMW i5 Best Electric Lease Deals

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Overview of Electric Vehicle Lease Deals
BMW i5 Lease Deals for 2024
Lease Offers Comparison for Various Electric Vehicle Models
Terms and Conditions of Electric Vehicle Leases

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), leasing has emerged as a popular and financially savvy option for drivers looking to enjoy the latest technology without the long-term commitment of purchasing. This article delves into the best electric lease deals, with a special focus on the BMW i5, a standout model in the luxury EV market for 2024. We'll compare lease offers, dissect terms and conditions, and highlight what makes leasing an attractive choice for eco-conscious drivers.


  • Understanding the basics and benefits of leasing electric vehicles sets the foundation for making informed decisions.
  • The BMW i5 emerges as a top contender in the luxury EV lease market for 2024, offering compelling features and preorder deals.
  • Comparing lease offers across various electric vehicle models, including luxury options, helps identify the best value.
  • Key lease terms, including charges, fees, and end-of-lease procedures, are crucial for a hassle-free leasing experience.

Environmental and Technological Advancements Through EV Leasing

Leasing an electric vehicle (EV) like the BMW i5 not only positions you at the forefront of automotive innovation but also casts you as a participant in the vital shift towards sustainable transportation. The environmental benefits of opting for an EV over a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle are compelling. According to the EPA, despite the higher initial emissions from battery production, EVs like the BMW i5 ultimately have a lower lifetime carbon footprint due to their zero tailpipe emissions and more efficient operation (EPA). This shift significantly contributes to reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions associated with personal transportation.

Moreover, the cycle of leasing electric vehicles fosters a dynamic environment for technological advancement and infrastructure expansion. As consumers like you embrace EV leasing, manufacturers are incentivized to accelerate innovations in battery technology, vehicle range, and charging solutions. This consumer-driven demand not only ensures that you have access to the latest in EV technology but also supports the development of a more robust charging infrastructure. According to Consumer Reports, this symbiotic relationship between consumer behavior and technological advancement benefits all stakeholders by making EVs more accessible, affordable, and efficient in the long run (Consumer Reports).

  • Environmental Impact: Lower lifetime carbon footprint and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Technological Advancement: Increased demand leads to rapid innovation in EV technology.
  • Infrastructure Expansion: More EVs on the road necessitate and thus accelerate the development of charging infrastructure.

In essence, by leasing an electric vehicle like the BMW i5, you're not just making a savvy financial decision; you're contributing to the acceleration of a global movement towards cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions that will benefit the planet and future generations.

Overview of Electric Vehicle Lease Deals

Understanding Electric Vehicle Leases

Basics of Electric Vehicle Leasing

Diving into the world of electric vehicle (EV) leasing, especially with models like the BMW i5, opens up a realm where you get to enjoy the freshest tech and performance without being tied down for ages. TrueCar points out that your lease payments are mostly about covering the car's depreciation and the finance charge from the leasing company. This setup is pretty sweet with EVs, given they're always on the cutting edge of car tech.

Take the BMW i5, for instance. CarsDirect shows that BMW's already rolling out pre-order lease deals, signaling they're pretty pumped about this new EV. You're looking at an average payment of $792 a month for a 36-month term, with $2,000 upfront and a 12,000 annual mileage cap. When you stack it up against the luxury electric sedan competition, the i5 is a wallet-friendly option. The Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan and the Porsche Taycan lease for about $1,027 and $1,614 a month, respectively, making the i5 a no-brainer for many.

Benefits of Leasing Electric Vehicles

Leasing an EV like the BMW i5 has its perks. You're always behind the wheel of the latest model, decked out with the newest features, without the ball and chain of ownership. Plus, leasing usually means lower monthly payments. For example, snagging the i5 for $792 a month with $2,000 down is a deal that's hard to beat, considering the tech and luxury you're getting. And don't forget, leasing might also hook you up with some tax incentives or rebates, sweetening the deal even more.

When your lease wraps up, you've got options. Return the car, buy it out, or switch to the latest model. This flexibility, combined with the financial perks and the chance to drive a top-notch EV, makes leasing an attractive path for many exploring electric mobility.

Comparison of Electric Vehicle Lease Offers

When you're in the market for an EV lease, it pays to shop around. The BMW i5 is a solid pick, but how does it stack up against the competition? Here's a quick rundown:

Vehicle Model Monthly Lease Payment (avg) Down Payment + Acquisition Fee Miles/Year Total Cost Over Lease Term $/Mile
BMW i5 eDrive40 $699 $6,559 10,000 $31,024 $1.03
Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan $1,027 Varies Varies Varies Varies
Porsche Taycan $1,614 Varies Varies Varies Varies
BMW i4 eDrive35 $499 $4,599 10,000 $22,064 $0.xx

The BMW i5 eDrive40's lease offer is a standout in the luxury electric vehicle scene, especially when you look at the hefty monthly payment for the Porsche Taycan. The BMW i4 eDrive35 offers a more budget-friendly option within BMW's electric lineup. Remember, the best deal depends on what you're looking for, including upfront costs, monthly payments, and mileage needs.

Key Factors in Lease Comparison

When sizing up EV lease offers, keep an eye on the monthly payment, down payment, lease term, and total cost over the lease term. Here's how the BMW i5 compares:

Vehicle Model Monthly Payment (avg) Down Payment + Acquisition Fee Lease Term (Months) Total Cost Over Lease Term Miles/Year
BMW i5 eDrive40 $699 $6,559 36 $31,024 10,000
BMW i5 M60 $929 $7,709 36 $40,224 10,000

The BMW i5, with its two lease options, caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets. Whether you're eyeing the more affordable eDrive40 or the high-performance M60 variant, the i5 stands out as a compelling choice in the luxury EV lease market.

BMW i5 Lease Deals for 2024

Overview of BMW i5 Lease Offers

Features and Specifications of BMW i5

The BMW i5 isn't just any midsize luxury sedan; it's packed with the latest tech like Parallel and Perpendicular (Back-In) Automatic Parking, Hands-free Trunk/Liftgate, and Android Auto compatibility. If you're eyeing a lease, you're looking at about $792/mo for a 36-month term with a 12,000 annual mileage cap. Fancy a shorter lease? The 24-month option runs about $1,001/mo. For the nitty-gritty, head over to TrueCar.

Preorder Lease Deals for BMW i5

Jumping on the preorder bandwagon for the BMW i5 could snag you some sweet lease deals. Both the i5 eDrive40 and M60 models come with a $3,500 lease credit, a nice perk for leasing over buying. BMW Financial Services is dishing out a money factor of 0.00195 (think 4.68% APR) for a 36-month lease with 15,000 miles a year. That's pretty competitive, especially when you compare it to the 4.99% APR for buying. Just make sure to lock in your preorder by June 26th. More details are up for grabs at CarsDirect.

Comparing BMW i5 Lease Deals

Monthly Payments and Down Payments

Digging into the lease details, the BMW i5 averages $792 a month with $2,000 down for a 36-month lease, capped at 12,000 miles a year. If you're not keen on a long commitment, the 24-month lease bumps up to $1,001 a month. On the lookout for the best deal? There's a $774 per month option for a 36-month lease with a 10,000-mile annual limit, also with $2,000 down.

Lease Duration and Mileage Allowance

Your lease term and how many miles you plan to drive are biggies that'll affect your monthly bill. The BMW i5 gives you some wiggle room here, with terms from 24 to 36 months and mileage from 10,000 to 12,000 a year. Check out the table below to see how these choices play out.

Lease Term Annual Mileage Monthly Payment Down Payment
36 months 10,000 miles $774 $2,000
36 months 12,000 miles $792 $2,000
24 months 12,000 miles $1,001 $2,000

Picking the right lease setup really boils down to how much you drive and what you're comfortable paying each month. Longer leases usually mean lower monthly payments, but make sure your mileage limit matches your real-world driving to dodge those overage fees.

Lease Offers Comparison for Various Electric Vehicle Models

Alright, let's dive into the electric lease deals for the BMW i5, focusing on the 2024 model. The BMW i5 is the new kid on the block in the luxury electric car scene, and it's already stirring up some buzz with its lease deals, even before hitting the streets. Here's a quick rundown of what's cooking with the lease offers for the BMW i5 eDrive40 and M60 models:

Model Lease Offer Details Additional Incentives
BMW i5 eDrive40 Factory Lease Offer: $699/month for 36 months with $6,559 down Look out for a $7,500 lease credit, similar to what's on the 2024 iX, hinting at possible future goodies for the i5
BMW i5 M60 Preorder discounts are in the mix, though exact numbers are hush-hush Keep an eye out for potential loyalty discounts down the road

For the nitty-gritty on these deals, hit up CarsDirect and Electrek.

Now, BMW's also throwing a 4.99% APR for 60 months into the ring for those looking to buy the i5 outright, with a preorder deadline of June 26th. This might be more up your alley if leasing isn't your jam.

Jumping over to the 2023 and 2024 electric vehicle models, let's see how the BMW i5 stacks up against its luxury segment rivals. BMW's not playing around, offering some sweet lease and finance options across its electric lineup, with the i5 shining bright. Here's a quick side-by-side:

Vehicle Model Lease Offer Details Additional Incentives
2024 BMW i5 Preorder lease deals are on the table, though they're playing coy with the specifics. For more deets, check out CarsDirect. There's a $7,500 lease credit for the iX lineup, hinting at possible future perks for i5 fans.
2024 BMW iX A cool $7,500 lease credit and a $2,000 purchase credit for the iX 50i. Plus, financing as low as 2.99% APR for up to 60 months. More info at CarsDirect. -
2024 BMW i4 They're offering 3.99% APR for 60 months on the 35e and 40e models. Dive into CarsDirect for the scoop. -

BMW's lease and finance options are looking pretty sweet, with the i5 being a standout choice for those itching to get behind the wheel of a luxury electric vehicle in 2024.

Now, let's break down the BMW i5 lease offers from various corners, giving you a clear picture of what to expect in terms of monthly payments, down payments, and lease terms.

Source Model Monthly Payment (avg) Down Payment + Acquisition Fee Lease Term (Months) Miles/Year Total Cost Cost/Mile MSRP Offer Expires
TrueCar BMW i5 $792 - - - - - - -
Electrek i5 eDrive40 $699 $6,559 36 10,000 $31,024 $1.03 $69,795 2/29/24
Electrek i5 M60 $929 $7,709 36 10,000 $40,224 $1.34 $86,545 2/29/24
CarsDirect i5 Preorder - - - - - - - -

This table lays out the lease offers for the BMW i5, from the more wallet-friendly eDrive40 model to the pricier M60. It's not just about the monthly payment; consider the total cost over the lease term, including down payments and fees. And don't sleep on the offer's expiration date – make sure it's still good to go and check with local dealers for potentially better deals.

Luxury Electric Vehicle Lease Offers

Quick Comparison of Luxury Model Lease Offers

The BMW i5 is a hot ticket in the luxury electric vehicle scene. Here's how it stacks up against other luxury electric rides:

Vehicle Model Monthly Payment (Avg) Down Payment + Acquisition Fee Miles/Year Total Lease Cost Cost/Mile MSRP
BMW i5 eDrive40 $699 $6,559 10,000 $31,024 $1.03 $69,795 (
BMW i5 M60 $929 $7,709 10,000 $40,224 $1.34 $86,545 (
Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan $1,027 - - - - - (TrueCar)
Porsche Taycan $1,614 - - - - - (TrueCar)

The BMW i5, with its eDrive40 and M60 models, offers a more accessible entry into luxury electric driving compared to the likes of the Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan and Porsche Taycan. Keep in mind the total lease cost and cost per mile to get the full picture of what you're getting into. And hey, always worth a shot to check with local dealers for deals that might just outdo these listed offers.

Terms and Conditions of Electric Vehicle Leases

Looking into the best electric lease deals, especially for the BMW i5, you gotta keep an eye on all the extra costs, fees, and the fine print that comes with leasing. TrueCar tells us that you're looking at about $792 a month for the BMW i5, with $2,000 upfront for a 36-month lease, sticking to a 12,000-mile-a-year limit. Opt for a shorter 24-month lease, and that monthly price jumps to $1,001.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Excess Mileage Fees: Watch your miles like a hawk. Go over, and you're paying more.
  • Liability for Damages: Any dings, dents, or scratches on your watch, you're footing the bill.
  • End-of-Lease Costs: When it's time to say goodbye, there are a few more checks to write.

Now, if you're stacking the BMW i5 against something like the Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan, which starts leasing at $1,027 a month, the i5 suddenly looks like a steal.

Vehicle Model Average Monthly Lease Payment Term Length Annual Mileage Limit
BMW i5 $792 36 months 12,000
Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan $1,027 Comparable Comparable

So, if you're trying to figure out if the BMW i5 lease fits your budget and lifestyle, these are the bits you need to chew on.

Getting a Grip on Lease Terms and Conditions

Wrapping Up Your Lease

Alright, when the curtain falls on your BMW i5 lease, there's a bit of housekeeping to do. If you've been a bit too generous with the mileage, brace yourself for those excess mileage fees. Got a few battle scars on the car? You'll need to cover those too. And don't forget, there's a bit of a dance to do with inspections and any last-minute payments. TrueCar has a solid guide to walk you through the end-of-lease maze. Trust me, a little homework now can save you from a headache later.


What is the average monthly lease payment for a BMW i5 eDrive40?
The average monthly lease payment for a BMW i5 eDrive40 is approximately $699, with a down payment of $6,559 for a 36-month term and a 10,000-mile annual limit.

How does the BMW i5's lease offer compare to the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan?
The BMW i5's lease offer is more affordable compared to the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan. For instance, the Porsche Taycan's lease can go as high as $1,614 a month, making the BMW i5 a more budget-friendly option in the luxury electric vehicle segment.

Are there any additional incentives for leasing a BMW i5?
Yes, there are additional incentives for leasing a BMW i5, such as a $3,500 lease credit for preorders. This can make leasing more attractive compared to buying, especially with competitive money factors offered by BMW Financial Services.

What are the key factors to consider when comparing electric vehicle lease offers?
When comparing electric vehicle lease offers, consider the monthly payment, down payment, lease term, total cost over the lease term, and miles per year. These factors will help you understand the overall value of the lease and how it fits your budget and driving needs.

What happens at the end of a BMW i5 lease?
At the end of a BMW i5 lease, you have the option to return the car, buy it out, or lease a new model. Be mindful of any excess mileage fees, liability for damages, and end-of-lease costs that may apply.

Can I get a shorter lease term for the BMW i5, and how does it affect the monthly payment?
Yes, you can opt for a shorter lease term, such as 24 months, for the BMW i5. However, this typically results in a higher monthly payment. For example, a 24-month lease might run about $1,001 a month with a 12,000-mile annual limit.

What are the excess mileage fees for a BMW i5 lease?
Excess mileage fees for a BMW i5 lease will vary based on your specific lease agreement. It's important to check your contract for the exact rate, but generally, going over your agreed mileage limit will result in additional charges.

How does the BMW i5 eDrive40's lease offer compare to the BMW i5 M60?
The BMW i5 M60 has a higher average monthly lease payment of $929 with a down payment of $7,709 for a 36-month term and a 10,000-mile annual limit, compared to the eDrive40 model. This reflects the M60's position as a higher-performance variant within the i5 lineup.

Are there any end-of-lease costs to be aware of with a BMW i5 lease?
Yes, at the end of a BMW i5 lease, you may face costs related to excess mileage, damages beyond normal wear and tear, and any required end-of-lease fees. It's advisable to review your lease agreement and prepare for these potential costs as your lease term concludes.

What is the significance of the lease term and annual mileage limit in a BMW i5 lease?
The lease term and annual mileage limit are significant because they directly impact your monthly payment and potential excess mileage fees. Choosing the right combination based on your driving habits and budget can help you avoid unexpected costs and ensure the lease offer is a good fit for your needs.